The most popular items from Swarovski Crystal Innovations for Fall/Winter 2016/2017 and new color Crystal Scarabaeus Green

At the beginning of September 2015 Swarovski launched their new Innovations for Fall/Winter 2016/2017. It is a semi-annual event always anticipaded by beaders and jewelry designers from the US and the entire world. The most recent Swarovski launch was done in cooperation with a haute couture rebel and modern design legend,  French designer Jean Paul Gaultier. When he visited Swarovski headquarters in 2013, he was struck by the perfection of crystal. He was inspired to create a crystal design of his own, he felt that adding a touch of imperfection could be the way to create a new crystal look. And that is how the Kaput line of crystal stones and pendants was born. The unique element that unites all of these designs is an imperfect, unpolished facet cut right across and into the center of an otherwise flawless crystal.  Jean Paul Gaultier also designed a new color  called Crystal Scarabaeus Green which with its beetle-like glow shimmering in green, blue and purple with a metallic luster looks ancient and modern, old and futuristic all at once.swar-innov-hp

Swarovski Crystal Scarabaeus Green is available in a limited range of shapes. As of today, it is made only in a Chaton, Rivoli, some Fancy Stones, the Round Swarovski crystal bead, Briolette bead and in a Bicone. Another new color is called Crystal Light Chrome and is available only in a handful of shapes. Swarovski also launched the Crystal Scarabaeus Green Pearl which nicely complements the same color in the crystal beads and stones. There is a lot of excitement about this new edgy direction for Swarovski Crystal. The most popular of the new launch are both the pearls and crystals in Scarabaeus Green because of the uncommon beauty of the finish. They are available at .

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