Swarovski Crystal Pearls will never lose their color and luster, some colors have been discontinued – take a notice!

Swarovski Crystal Pearls are faux, man-made pearls, which are a perfect imitation of natural pearls.


Swarovski pearls have a crystal core and the same consistent color from the core to the surface. It means that they will never flake like some inexpensive, color sprayed pearls. They are resistant to scratches, cosmetics, sweat, UV light and they can be washed and dry cleaned. The selection of vibrant colors available at Eureka Crystal Beads makes it possible to use them with just about any color palette. Swarovski Crystal Pearls will give your jewelry the look of the most expensive natural pearls money can buy at a fraction of the price. These pearls are so beautiful that they were embraced by many celebrities and women known for their classical sense of style among them Katie Couric, Barbara Bush, Madeline Albright, and others. We carry Swarovski Round Pearls (#5810) in all available colors in sizes from 3mm to 12mm. Our newest addition to Swarovski Pearls are Swarovski Crystal Pearl Drops (#5821) available now in 11x8mm in several popular colors.


If you are looking for a good quality 2mm pearl Swarovski unfortunately doesn’t make it but we carry it in excellent Czech glass quality.

Also please note that Swarovski discontinued Antique Brass, Copper, Light Green, Deep Brown and Dark Green – we still have some in stock so grab them while they last.

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  1. Fernanda says:

    Dear Eureka,
    So, I bought some swarovski pearls and I got also a certificate which says that such pearls should not be used with cosmetics, should not be exposed to the sun, to the sweat. But here you write the opposite. So, whats is the right Information?

    Best regards


    1. Hi, you have a good point. Generally speaking it is more about common sense than anything else. A Champagne bottle has a warning saying when opening don’t point it into your face. Swarovski pearls are extremely resistant and you don’t have to worry about them loosing luster with normal use. If they are abused it is a different story, like anything else, they can be destroyed.

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