Czech Glass Two Hole beads boosting your creativity in 2016

During the busy Holiday Season we have been focusing on getting your orders out the door fast and not making any mistakes in the process. You have been buying an incredible variety of quality beads and we hope that one day you will share your beaded designs with us. We are all beaders here and appreciate the work and ingenuity that goes into your designs. To get your juices flowing we have been supplying you with free beaded pattern downloads. Those below are extremely popular. Everyone likes the Cleopatra Bracelet, the Honeycomb Beezzzz Bracelet and our Honeycomb Earrings.


All of these new designs use CzechMates, other Two Hole Beads, Czech Firepolish beads, Toho Japanese seed beads and Czech Melon beads. As you might already know, we specialize in all of these categories and offer a tremendous selection of shapes and colors.


Melon beads have a distinctive ridged surface. Melons in 5mm and 8mm are the most popular. We carry Round Melon Beads in both sizes in a nice selection of colors and finishes.


Toho Japanese seed beads don’t need an introduction. These beads are the building blocks of almost any project. You may purchase them from us by color. Just enter the color number in our search and it will pop up on your screen. We have them all. Keep in mind that we use original Toho numbers for our colors. Some resellers sell their stock marked with their own numbers.


Two Hole Beads are very popular and used in many innovative designs. Our best sellers are SuperDuos, MiniDuos and 2-Hole Tiles. So please come visit our store to see why customers who already discovered us call us the internet’s best kept secret.

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