Arcos Par Puca and Minos Par Puca are two new beads coming out of the Czech Republic….

So we haven’t shipped your pre-orders for Toho Demi Seed Beads yet and there are new beads coming out of the Czech Republic. One might say enough is enough. How many new shapes can we handle in a year. I say as many as are thrown our way. Beaders are very creative people and always look for something new and different.

These two new beads may not look exciting when you first see them, but when you see the designs, they were used in, you will quickly get to like them.


Arcos Bead is a crescent with three holes going through the flat side of a bead, Minos Beads are barrel shaped with one hole going through the side of a barrel.

Minos and  Arcos beads will be available soon in a selection of about 20 colors. We will notify you when we get them in stock. For now go to Eureka Crystal Beads gallery of designs to get your creative juices flowing.



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