New Honeycomb Jewels are two hole beads with character…

We have just received the newest two hole Czech beads. They are called Honeycomb Jewels. Honeycomb Jewels are 6 mm hexagons, the same size as Honeycombs but twice the thickness. They have an elevated top with multiple, pressed facets which give them a jewel-like look.


Do you remember how everyone was buzzing about Honeycomb Beads when they first hit the market. There was a good reason for it. Honeycombs have proven to be one of the most popular Czech beads. The newest beads are similar in shape but different in appearance. Like Honeycombs, Jewels interlock and create a visual effect reminiscent of a honeycomb and they can be used in patterns that call for Honeycomb Beads as long as they are not stacked on top of each other. Jewels come in several popular colors and finishes.

Let us know what you think about Honeycomb Jewels. Are they going to be as popular as Honeycombs? Have you made jewelry with them yet?

Download our popular Honeycomb Beads free bracelet pattern and see if you can make it with Jewels.

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