3-hole Czech Glass Ava beads and 3-hole Czech Glass Cali Beads

Short time ago we were adding 3-hole Arcos par Puca beads and 3-hole Beam beads to our stock wondering if any more of 3-hole bead shapes could be coming in the future. We didn’t have to wait long. Our newest additions are 3-hole Ava beads and 3-hole Cali beads which expanded our 3-hole glass bead category to four uniquely shaped beads.


3-hole Czech Glass AVA beads have a unique “V” shape. One hole is placed at the base of the “V” and the other two go through the two arms of the bead. Ava beads are hand-pressed glass beads. They measure 10×4 mm and are about 3 mm thick. They have large holes, which will easily accommodate multiple passes of stringing material.



Cali beads are marquise-shaped with three evenly spaced parallel holes placed about 2 mm apart. Their marquise, or navette shape allows for creating curvatures and tapered edges in beaded designs. You can use them in elaborated bead weaving as well as in simple stringing projects as spacers.


Designs with Cali and Ava beads:



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  1. Linda German says:

    I recently had the pleasure of playing with one of the new 3-hole beads, the Ava. I made a bracelet designed by Hortense Thompson, called “Ava’s Rose Bracelet”. The bracelet is even more beautiful than I thought it would be. It took a very short time to understand how the thread path worked and I am very happy with my new bracelet!

    1. I am thrilled that you are enjoying your new bracelet. I absolutely love The Ava beads myself! We have recently extended our selection of colors. Thank you for following our blog.

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