Swarovski Crystal Sale

Swarovski Crystals are loved for their precision diamond-like cuts, impeccable sparkle and consistency in color.  At Eureka Crystal Beads we carry a huge selection of Swarovski Crystal and wanted to let you know about all the beads and pendants we have on sale!

12mm Pearls Ranging in Various Colors

Yes you read that right.. We have Swarovski Crystals on sale! All of these beads are still in perfect condition. Some of these beads are simply discontinued and no longer on the market. This could be the last chance to get some of these beautiful crystals before they are gone forever. We have tons of pendants and beads that are just waiting to be used by you.

We have been selling Swarovski Crystals for over 10 years and just about two years ago we were authorized as Swarovski Sellers. That being said, some of those beads that you will find in the sale section are vintage.

Vintage Pendants

There is a very slight chance that you can find these beads in this condition anywhere else. Other beads might have been less popular due to their color or shape when they were released and now as a result, you get to save! You can’t go wrong with Swarovski Crystals so take a look and check them out for yourself.

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