Jewelry to Stand the Test of Time!

Greetings Bead Buddies, Leah here from Eureka Crystal Beads! Do you want your jewelry to stand the test of time? Read on!

So 2 facts about me: 1.) I’ve been making jewelry for 22 years. 2). I hate change.

What do these two things have to do with one another you ask? Well, it means that over the years I’ve seen some amazing advancements in the beading world with regard to stringing mediums, adhesives, techniques, tools… and sometimes I dig my heels in and instinctively want to stick with what I’ve always used. Do you remember Nymo beading thread? When I learned Peyote stitch Nymo was the thread to use for bead weaving. No one knew about FireLine – it simply wasn’t being used yet in the jewelry world. When Fireline came onto the scene I recall saying “Nope, I’m good. I like Nymo. Nymo is what I use and I don’t really see a need to change.” WOW, was I wrong! Once I actually bit the bullet and tried FireLine there was no turning back, especially since I was starting to incorporate more and more Swarovski Crystal into my beading and Nymo simply wasn’t going to stand up next to the edges of those crystals. But guess what would? FIRELINE! So anyway, you get where I’m going with this: I learned that embracing change (and a new product, even if that product was a little more expensive than what I was previously using) was – worth – it. My Jewelry was worth it. My time was worth it.

So now I ask you: Do you LOVE making jewelry? Do you get excited when that package of beads comes in the mail? Do you positively glow when that difficult stitch you’ve been working on is finally mastered? Do you sell your work? Do you want every facet (pun totally intended!) of your work to stand out? INVEST. 

INVEST in quality stringing materials like Soft Flex stringing wire and clean looking tube crimps when you’re going to string up those beautiful beads. Not only with your strung pieces sit and wear more nicely but they will last much much longer as well.

INVEST in quality findings when you’re putting together your gemstones and pearls or for attaching that beadwoven necklace around your neck that you spent 15+ hours painstakingly weaving together one bead at a time. Your time is worth it, and the findings of your pieces are just as important as the amazing beads you selected to design it!

And yes, INVEST in things like FireLine (hehe) so that way 10 hours later when your amazing (and labor intensive!) bracelet is all finished it has the best chance to last as long as possible as you (or a family member or customer) wear it lovingly for years…because it was made using materials that will stand the test of time.


INVEST in your passion, even if only a little at a time. YOU are worth it, and so are the amazing creations you make!

BEAD ON my lovely readers, bead on!


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