Inspiration Corner! Great Uses for Crystal Mixes!

Greetings Crystal-lovers!

You may recall my recent blog about color – and how genuinely scary it can be for many beaders! Well, one great way to contend with color is to embrace color mixes!! Pre-made mixes of beads that are already coordinated to look GORGEOUS no matter what you make! Not only are mixes a sure-fire way to create something beautiful, they are also a great method of getting used to color and what works well together! Consider taking a peek at the new exclusive Swarovski crystal mixes I’ve started to create for Eureka Crystal Beads!



We currently feature 11 different mixes featuring an assortment of 4mm bicones that blend together nicely and will be sure to enhance any project.

AND – MORE are coming… soon!! Keep your eyes peeled not only for more crystal mixes, but also seed bead mixes and bead palettes as well!



Click HERE to check out which one is my personal favorite! And yes, I get just as excited about it as this adorable kitten!! You know when colors just speak to you? THESE colors just. speak. to. me.



Don’t forget to utilize our zoom feature! Simply hover your mouse over the image and you’ll get a crystal clear (hehe) close-up of these lovely tones!

See a mix you love but unsure what you want to make with it? Well, here’s one great idea if you want to try your hand at off loom bead weaving! Check out my video for Flat Crystal Netting where I’ve used the mix Morning Dew to create a quick-to-work-up seed bead and crystal bracelet!

Care to try your hand with some simple wire-working? Check out my introductory video for wrapping a loop and think about using one of our crystal mixes for making a fantastic charm bracelet with headpins, your favorite crystal mix, and chain!

Check out one of my newest videos for making a multiple strand bracelet with cones – I use a Swarovski crystal mix for an easy breezy look!

Or, consider simply stringing them up on memory wire for a super easy and dazzling bracelet!

The thing to remember about these great mixes is that the color work is done for you – no matter what you put together it’s going to look GREAT!!

Bead on, Beady Babes! (And Dudes!)


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