Beaders Wax – What is it and why do I need it?

Hello Seed Bead Buddies!

Here at Eureka Crystal Beads we strive to continue to grow as a company and also to help YOU grow as a beader and jewelry maker! This means carrying new products (whether new to the industry or just new to us) and telling you about how/why they should be used! Bead-ucation at it’s finest!

Today’s quickie blog is to tell you a little about Beader’s Wax! What is it? Why do I need it? Read on!



Pictured here is a 2 oz. cup of Microcrystalline Synthetic Bees Wax. This is the type of wax I prefer to use because, unlike natural bees wax which can also be purchased, this will never go rancid and will last for years to come! I also simply find that it’s easier to work with and really sticks to my beading thread much better.



So why do I want to use it??

  • If you’re using a nylon beading thread (Like Nymo), Beading Wax will help to condition your thread and keep it from fraying as much. This is a crucial step to make your thread last longer and be easier to work with.
  • No matter what sort of thread you’re using (Nymo, FireLine, etc), Beader’s Wax will help you to keep amazing tension with much less effort! I find this particularly helpful with FireLine (and it’s similar competitors) which is a little tougher to keep tight since it doesn’t have the stretch that a nylon beading thread has.
  • Lastly, I find it allows me to work with much longer amounts of thread (which means less weaving out old threads and weaving in new threads) because I’m able to make the long tail I pull (after threading my needle) even longer and make it stick to my working thread – keeping it out of the way and tangle-free!

Ok, I’m intrigued… So how do I use it, Leah?


Many (including myself) find it easiest to cut away a portion of the cup on opposite sides of the wax. Just 2 little snips with some scissors about an inch or so apart and then peel down! Repeat the same on the other side. The reason for wanting 2 exposed sections of wax is so you can dedicate one side for darker threads and one side for lighter threads. This is helpful since some threads (like darker FireLines like “Smoke” and “Black” can rub off on your wax (as you can see in the picture) and that could rub ON to your lighter threads if they are drawn through the same area and could potentially show up inside lighter clear beads – so best to have 2 separate areas to use!

Once you’ve threaded your needle, simply pull your thread (with tail together with your working thread) hard against the wax starting right at the needle. (Make sure to support the needle as you do this so you don’t actually bend your needle.) Pull the entire length, and then run the whole length in between your fingertips to take off any excess wax so you don’t get any build-up in your beadwork which could become visible. **And remember, it’s just wax: so if you’re working with it and any transfers to the surface of your beads and makes them look a little cloudy – it can simply be rubbed off easily with a soft cloth!

I hope you found this helpful! Once I was introduced years ago to using Beader’s Wax for my off loom bead weaving it has made ALL the difference and I could never go back to not using it.

Until next time, friends!


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