Finding your Inspiration in Nature!

Happy Lovely-Spring-Day, Beading Friends! Leah here from Eureka Crystal Beads with another helpful blog for you. Today, I’m going to give you some help with INSPIRATION and one of the best places to find it: The beautiful natural world around you!


Let’s talk about COLOR! Check out this quick “Nature” Google Image search I did. You’ll see tons of stunning pictures of the natural world that are simply gorgeous and PERFECT color inspiration!! Here are some of my favorites: (click them to enlarge!)

All of these images, while so diverse in their color palettes, are all wonderful examples of the color inspiration we can find in nature – and all from that simple Google Image search for “nature.” Consider searching (or use one of my favorites above!) and select your favorite picture and build a project around it! Nature is especially good at gettings us out of our color-comfort-zones. Take, for example, the bottom-right image of the desert. How lovely are those blues and browns together?! An image like this is sure to help get you out of your blues-on-blues-on-blues rut by helping you to introduce a color like deep sandy browns into your project. Or, take the bottom-center: It’s so easy to mix together blues and purples, but this image shows us how amazing it can be to throw in some pops of peaches and corals! Also, consider the top-right: blue and orange are complimentary colors on the color wheel which means they will always enhance each other than side-by-side. This image is a great example of blue and orange shown together in nature – consider emulating that!

One way that I’ve used natural inspiration in my own work is in the creation of the bead mixes for our website! I’ve created coordinated Seed bead, Swarovski Crystal, and Czech Glass mixes and almost all were inspired by (and named after!) natural elements, locations, seasons, and more! Here are some of my favorites!! Top to bottom: Nighttime Lagoon, Stormy Day, and Grapevine!


Do you want to have a better understanding of color? Check out my previous blog on Color Theory to learn more!!

Until next time, Bead on!!


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