Project: Fun EASY Rivoli Bracelet!

Hello Beaders! Leah here from Eureka Crystal Beads with a fun and EASY bracelet utilizing fantastic Swarovski Crystal Rivoli stones and simple stringing and crimping!


Here’s what you need:

To start, lay out your Rivolis and Rivoli Sew-On settings. Each Rivoli is to be placed into each setting. You’ll use your Chain Nose pliers to gently push the prongs down. Start with one prong, and then follow with the prong on the opposite side. Then push down the third prong, and follow with the final prong which is right across from it. This helps to ensure that your Rivoli sits nice and perfect in the setting and doesn’t get pushed slightly off center.


Next, lay out your beads. We’ll be using both 2-hole and 1-hole beads and 2 lines (10″ long each) of SoftFlex. The Sew-on settings and Tile Beads have 2 holes running through them side-by-side and the 4mm bicones have just 1-hole. See images below for stringing pattern!


String up your entire bracelet. Add a crimp bead to each of the 4 ends. Now simply crimp to the loops of your clasp! If you need a refresher on how to crimp, please READ MY BLOG ON CRIMPING to learn all you need to know!


All Finished! This is a great and EASY wait to use those hot hot hot Swarovski Crystal Rivoli stones and make a fun and dazzling summer bracelet.


Want to use different colors for this bracelet? Here’s where you can find the general listings of these components – pick whatever colors you like, the possibilities are endless!


Until next time!!


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