May Artist Spotlight!

Greetings Readers (and Beaders!), thanks for stopping by to read another blog from Eureka Crystal Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to the first jewelry artist we’re featuring for my new monthly Artist Spotlight series!

MIE LØVSTRØM is a jewelry artist based in Denmark whose work was quick to catch my eye. Her website,, was launched in 2016 and is a plethora of unique Art Nouveau shaped creations with a look she calls Modern Boheme. Mie’s jewelry combines semi-precious gemstones with brass and other natural materials and features lots of texture with her choice of beads, stones, spikes, and fringe.


For Mie, jewelry has truly been a calling that all started with a vision board when she was 18 years old. Those creative thoughts never left her mind and were given true direction when she was traveling abroad in Spain and happened upon a woman there who was making her way by creating and selling her own jewelry with techniques and skilled learn from YouTube. “After that meeting, I started collecting pearls, stones, shells, and seeds. I drilled my own holes in the seeds and shells, booted up my computer, and started wrapping… This was my first time experiencing a flow running through my body – the raw and unfiltered power of passion. So…I never stopped wrapping. And I never will.”

Five months after that fateful meeting, Miel Handmade was born. “I couldn’t stop making jewelry. I sat up all day and all night just creating and experimenting.”

Mie has been a dedicated self-taught jewelry artist, admittedly gaining inspiration and knowledge from some unlikely places: YouTube has been a great classroom for her, however, some of the most interesting things she’s learned were not from jewelry-making videos! “The way I learned to braid – chokers, wristbands & necklaces – is actually from a funny channel. It’s a woman braiding…her bread! Yup, you read right. She braids bread in various beautiful patterns and made it easy to learn.”


Elements that Mie enjoys featuring most are stones such as Marquise-shaped Howlight which she uses to weave together flowers or butterflies, Labradorite because of its mysterious shine, Opalite (with real opals on the way – “stay tuned” she says!), and Turquoise – which she feels gives her a creative energy. “I love to create while having a piece of this in my pocket.” Mei will also be soon featuring some exciting new handmade Abalone beads that she’ll be sourcing from a small husband & wife team based in the Philippines as she’s passionate about supporting small craftspeople and artisans from around the world. She also specifically loves the small Czech Glass Dagger beads and large Czech Glass dagger beads that she gets here from us at Eureka Crystal Beads which, she says, remind her of wings.

Mie will ship world-wide to anyone who wishes to own one of her unique creations. In addition to her website, she can also be found on Instagram! Make sure to check her out and become a follower to see great sneak-peaks at new creations and promo shots.


That’s it for now, folks – thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for June’s Artist Spotlight. Do YOU want to be featured? Let us know you’re interested by heading over to our Eureka Crystal Beads Facebook page Artist Spotlight post!

Until Next Time, 


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