Hello Bead Buddies! Leah from Eureka Crystal Beads here to talk BEAD OBSESSION with you! So, if you’re anything like me, you have a love for all beads – BUT – absolutely have some special places in your heart for certain particular beads (or colors, or finishes, etc). For me, this has always been Miyuki Delica Beads, Czech Size 15/o Charlotte Beads, and pretty much anything by Swarovski – especially Swarovski Crystal Rivoli stones. BUT, I have a new love… SUPERDUO BEADS. You might be saying to yourself “uhh…yeah, Leah, welcome to the club we’ve all be a part of for a while now…” but I must confess I’ve only recently started using them and holy moly am I hooked! The reason I’m simply loving them so darn much is because I’m able to, in a sense, reimagine classic beading stitches in totally new ways by incorporating these amazing 2-holed beads! It takes Peyote to a whole new level… It sends Herringbone/Ndebele into the Stratosphere… And don’t even get me started on Right Angle Weave! If you’re looking to re-challenge yourself and put some amazing spins on simple stitches then you have to jump on this bandwagon with me.


First, before I get ahead of myself, for those unfamiliar with Superduos: These are one of the most popular Czech Glass Beads being used! They are oval-shaped Seed Beads. They have a bulge in the middle in between the 2 holes which makes them interlock with each other as well as other beads. Their approximate size is listed as 2mm long and 5mm wide but their actual measurements are closer to 2.5mm x 5.5mm. They come in tons of amazing colors and finishes!

If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been doing a lot with these magical little 2-holed beads of happiness. First, I started created mixes with them for sale on our website. We launched last week with 20 amazing and varied Superduo Bead Mixes and will be releasing 4 new ones by the end of this week that I’m really excited about as well. In addition to the mixes, I’ve been throwing up some teaser pictures on the Eureka Crystal Beads Facebook Page (come follow us!) of some Superduo projects I’ve been working on and one-by-one we’ll be bringing them to you in the form of YouTube videos! The first, Herringbone/Ndebele with SuperDuo’s was posted last week and just today (minutes ago, actually!) we’ve posted Superduo stitch video #2 – creating a really fun chevron-type pattern that’s great for beginners! (Superduo video #3 is slated to post on Monday!) If you’ve never checked out the Eureka Crystal Beads YouTube channel before, do head on over and take a peek at my tutorial videos. (Don’t forget to subscribe!) Click on the individual links above for those specific projects if you’d like!

Until next time, folks, Happy Beading!!


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