Must Read: Color Coordination Tip!!

Hello Readers (and Beaders!), Leah here from Eureka Crystal Beads with a quick (and hopefully helpful!) blog for you about … Coordinating Colors! 


Many of you have noticed, and seem to have appreciated, Eureka Crystal Beads’ new surge in custom mixes! I’ve had such a blast putting our Coordinated Bead Mixes together (and will continue to do so to allow our awesome and unique [read: Exclusive!] collection to keep growing!) but I also wanted to give you some tips on how you can more easily coordinate colors yourself! This can be helpful when going through beads you already have at home or when purchasing new beads for a fun new project!

As I’ve mentioned in some previous blogs (which I’ll link for you at the bottom of this blog in case you want to check them out), mixing and coordinating colors is the one aspect of making jewelry that I’ve seen stress out my fellow beaders the most! I’m not exaggerating here, folks – I’ve literally seen beaders break out into an angry frustrated bead-sweat while trying to put colors together for a project that they know will take them hours upon hours to create. This is a huge amount of pressure – because who wants to get half-way into a project and come to the realization that the colors simply aren’t working like you hoped? >> Not this girl!! <<

So, I wanted to give you a fun and easy tip that might help you along in this process. Not only will this tip help you coordinate lovely colors within a similar color family, but it can also help you coordinate colors that you might never have thought to put together even in your mind’s eye!

So what’s the tip, Leah? Get on with it! 😉

*** Pick a rainbow [seed] bead!!!*** Yes, it’s that simple. Pick a fun Rainbow / Iridescent / AB / or otherwise multi-colored bead and look at the colors it contains and use that bead as your jumping off point to create a palette that you’ll love!


This palette is our new “Lavender Earth” Coordinated Bead Mix. It features varying shades of purples with bronzes and greens – exactly what you might see while walking through a field of Lavender on a warm spring day (is what I like to think!). Notice the color in the middle – a matte, but Rainbow!, seed bead that features those varying colors I mentioned above! I then selected some seed beads that pulled out all of those tones and that center seed bead visually pulls them all together!




This palette is our new “Dhalia” Coordinated Bead Mix. It features tones of rust, burnt orange, celery green, and olives with a lovely iridescence mixed in for good measure. That iridescence in that middle seed bead – do you notice how it pulls all of the other colors in together? Ah ha!! It’s truly a most helpful trick for creating a palette with which to work!


I hope you found this little color tip helpful, friends!! If putting colors together still makes you uncomfortable, I’ll be continuing to expand our selection of mixes regularly! We also offer fun mixes in 4mm Czech Firepolish beads as well as fantastic SuperDuo Mixes!! Check ’em out!

Until Next Time! BEad Happy!


As promised:

The Color Doctor is – IN! (published 3/14/18)

Finding Your Inspiration in Nature! (published 5/7/18)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Asha77 says:

    Hi Leah, Great article on picking out a palette. What I find hard is picking out the colors via a computer. A newbie that started approx. 4 months ago. Love the coordinated color mixes.
    Suggestion: Would be awesome to see a list of colors pop up when a color is selected by the customer instead of displaying what others also looked at.

    Thank you for the tips!!!


    1. We are glad you like the coordinated mixes so far! I wish we had those capabilities to suggest colors like that. That would be great if we could! -Lindsey

  2. Cheryl says:

    Leah, do any of the Toho 11/0 mix come in the cylinder bead shape? I guess they would be the Toho treasures? I love both the lavender earth and dahlia mix and blues would be amazing!

    1. Hi Cheryl! So glad you like the mixes. 🙂 Currently we haven’t expanded them into cylinder beads (we carry Miyuki Delicas) yet – but stay tuned, lots of good things to come AND we just got in a new shipment of so many brand new Delica colors so I’ll have an even bigger palette to play with! ❤

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