Greetings Readers (and Beaders!), thanks for stopping by to read another blog from Eureka Crystal Beads. Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to the next jewelry artist we’re featuring for my new monthly Artist Spotlight series!


Etsy shop owner Michelle Snyder, based out of Utah, opened her online store, >>Poetry in Beads<<in June of 2015. The motto of her storefront is “Where happy beads turn into beautiful jewelry!” and truly this is the case. Listing after listing showcases stunning pattern tutorials for sale created by Michelle and filled with beautifully coordinated seed beads, colorful Czech glass beads, and dazzling Swarovski Crystal beads and stones. Her shop also features 5-stars and hundreds of reviews raving about the quality of her patterns.


I had the pleasure of a Q & A with the talented owner of Poetry in Beads. Please read on to learn more about this month’s featured Artist:

Leah: “How long ago did you begin beading and what prompted you?”

Michelle: “I started playing around with beads about 13 years ago because I just love the beauty, shape, and texture of beads. At first, I did a little bit of bead stringing. Then my aunt, who also loves beading, gave me a simple bead weaving kit with seed beads and bicones. That is when I truly fell in love with this art form. That little kit fascinated me and I started really looking into off-loom bead weaving. I found more kits and then I started buying books, magazines, and tutorials (and of course all the beads to go with them) so I could start playing.” 

L: “Do you have any formal education in jewelry or design or are you self-taught?”

M: “I’m self-taught. After my first bead weaving kit I started discovering all of the different beading stitches such as Herringbone, Peyote, Right Angle Weave, etc. I looked for different tutorials that would show me how to make these different stitches and how to make jewelry with them. After a while I noticed how designers were using these basic stitches as building blocks to make all their beautiful jewelry and knew I wanted to try it, too. I discovered that designing and creating my own patterns took something I loved to do and turned it into a passion.” 


L: “What are your favorite materials to work with?” 

Image2M: “I love, love, love Swarovski elements! I love their quality and sparkle and all of the different colors. One of my favorite things to do after I receive an order of Swarovski beads or stones is to fill my hand with them and take them outside in the sun and just let the sparkle happen. My favorite seed beads are those with metallic finishes. I love the shimmer they can bring to a piece of jewelry and how well they complement the other beads. Of course I love all the new multi-holed Czech beads shapes that are hitting the market. The creative possibilities they bring to designing is exciting and fascinating! I think my favorite must be the Diamonduos and the 2-hole Cabochons. Even though I love all the multi-holed beads I keep finding myself reaching for my stash for these two varieties over and over.”


L: “What inspired you to create an Etsy shop to sell your patterns?” 

M: “I have a friend who had an Etsy shop for years and she always encouraged me to try it. There was a part of me that really wanted to see if I could do it. Having my Etsy shop has been amazing. I have been able to connect with many people from all over the world because of our shared love of beading. That has been one of my very favorite parts of having an Etsy shop.”



L: “Are there any other bead artists who inspire you?” 

M: “Absolutely! One of the very first designers I came across years ago is Ella Des from EllaD2. Her designs are fabulous. I can’t say enough about how beautifully she can put beads together. I love Akke Jonkhof. There is something satisfying about her geometric style of jewelry. The unique look of Smadar Grossman’s jewelry is very inspiring. Her designs have so much movement in them. I just love to look at them.”

L: “Is there anything else you would you like to share about you, your family, and your life?”

M: “I have a degree in education but decided to stay at home with my nine children. They keep me really busy, but they also encourage me to play with my beads. I come from an artistic background and my daughters are very artistic. I love bouncing ideas off of them. We especially love to play with colors! I have a very supportive husband who doesn’t complain when I spend a lot of money on beads. It has been such a blessing to have this creative outlet to make life more full and rich. Image1

I really love history and love to be inspired by all the beautiful jewelry that can be found over the ages. I especially love Art Deco jewelry. Recently, though, I have been learning more about the European history during the middle ages and that has inspired my most recent creations. I love to look at the different pieces of jewelry and wonder what it would look like made out of beads.”




That’s it for now, folks – thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for July’s Artist Spotlight. Do YOU want to be featured? Let us know you’re interested by heading over to our Eureka Crystal Beads Facebook page Artist Spotlight post!

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