Great Product: Miyuki Slide Tube Bar!

Hi Beaders! Today for my Eureka Crystal Beads blog I wanted to spotlight a great product we’ve just started to carry: Miyuki Slide Tube Bars! These findings are fantastic for finishing off certain bead stitches where you’ve used Delicas. Specifically, these findings work best with stitches that have an edge of beads going in a straight line – think Square stitch, Loom work, Ladder stitch…


In the example here, I’ve used one of our new Delica mixes (!!! Brand new !!! 20 color schemes available – for sale by the end of the week!!! This one is “Deep Sunset”) to create a little swatch of Square stitch to demonstrate how the tube is applied to the beadwork. Check it out!





Simply slide the first row of beads into the end of the tube and feed it through to the other side. There is a small opening along the length that allows the row of beads to move through the finding.



You’ll want to tailor your beadwork to the length of the tube. Here I’m using the 15mm size.


Next, use your Chain nose pliers to grab the little tab coming off of one side. Begin to bend the tab closed. Your pliers will prevent you from closing all the way, but this step will get it started for you.


You can use the side of your pliers to finish pushing the tab closed against the rest of the tube! Quick and easy.


Consider checking out this great product to neatly and cleanly finish up some of your beadwork projects! We carry these Miyuki Slide Tube Bars in both gold and silver plated, and in 2 different sizes: 15mm and 20mm.

They can be found under: Supplies > Findings > Links & Connectors.

OR, you can click the link above! 🙂




Until next time Beadiful Buddies!


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  1. Christine Jonientz says:

    I assume you use one for each end. What are you then using to join the slides – Jump ring and ……?

    1. That’s correct Christine, you’d need one at each end of a project to attach to whatever clasp findings you’re using. A jump ring could certainly work to attach your clasp to the loops of the slide bar findings. 🙂

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