Jewelry Design Ideas: Bead Caps!

Greetings Beaders! Leah with Eureka Crystal Beads here with another free jewelry project for you! TWO projects, at that! The first project, a lovely bracelet idea, uses metal bead caps in a more traditional method – capping a bead, in this case, at both ends. The second project utilizes bead caps in a fun and whimsical way to construct a beautiful kinetic earring design. Ok, let’s dive in!

PROJECT 1: Swarovski Crystal & Pearl Bracelet with Metal Bead Cap accents


Materials: (approximations depending on length needed)

  1. Lay out your Swarovski Pearls and Bicones with a metal bead cap flanking the side of each pearl. See image 1 below. This is the loading sequence for this bracelet.
  2. String up this pattern to your desired length. (Such a simple and classic design brought up a notch by the addition of those bead caps!)
  3. Follow the instructions for your Crimping Pliers to attach your toggle clasp or check out my blog: Back to Basics: Crimping! to learn how or for a refresher!

Lastly, and the most important step – enjoy wearing your bracelet. Easy, Stunning, and filled with lovely detail from those bead caps!

PROJECT 2: Bead Cap Tassel Earrings



  1. Using your side cutter, cut your chain into 14 pieces. 7 of these pieces will dangle from each of the earrings. Make them as long or as short as you’d like, this simply adjusts the finished length of your earring. The sample image has them cut at 1″ in length for each of the 14 pieces.
  2. Using a pair of Chain Nose pliers in each hand, swivel open 14 jump rings.
  3. Using 1 jump ring per each piece of chain, attach a piece of chain, via that jump ring, to a loop in your bead cap. Repeat for additional 13 jump rings / chain pieces for the entire pair.

4. Slide a 4mm Swarovski Crystal bicone onto each of 14 headpins. Using your Chain nose pliers, bend the wire at a 90 degree angle at the top of the bead. Use your cutters to snip off some length, leaving approx 1/4″ behind on top of the bead. Lastly, use your Round Nose pliers to roll a loop atop each Swarovski Crystal bead.

5. Swivel open each loop slightly and attach one to the bottom of each of the 14 pieces of chain. Make sure to close securely with your Chain Nose pliers.

6. You should now have 2 head pins remaining and 4 Swarovski Crystal Bicone beads. Take a headpin and slide on 1 of the bicones. Thread the head pin up through the bottom center of the bead cap and out the top. Add 1 more bicone to the headpin, which will sit on top of the bead cap. Follow the same steps to bend, snip, and roll (from step 4) to create a loop that will hang from you ear wire! Repeat for both sides. Swivel open/shut your ear wire loop to attach.

All finished!! A fun and ever-moving chain and Swarovski Crystal tassel earring using metal bead caps!

Make sure to visit us over at Eureka Crystal Beads for all of your beading needs and for lots more inspiration!





Until next time!


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  1. .those are adorable!! Seriously

    1. Glad you like them! 🙂 -Leah

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