Woven Crystal Chaton Tennis Bracelet!

Greetings Beaders! I’m here with another fun (and easy!) sparkly project brought to you by Eureka Crystal Beads! This woven bracelet works up so fast and leaves you with a stunning and substantial bracelet made with Preciosa Chatons (sold already in their metal 2-hole settings!) and teeny dazzling 3mm Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads.



Note: The amounts of Preciosa Chatons and 3mm Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads needed will vary depending on the finished length you’re looking for. The amounts listed about (10 and 84 respectively), along with the particular clasp I used, created a bracelet 7 1/4″ long.

  1. Slide your clasp to the center of your 36″ long piece of Soft Flex beading wire. This will create 2 wires for you with which to weave your bracelet. 2
  2. Slide both wires through one of your crimp tubes. Use your Crimping Pliers and the 2-step crimping process to squish closed your crimp tube. If you’re not familiar with crimping, check out my quickie blog: “Back to the Basics: Crimping!” for a tutorial or quick refresher.
  3. Slide both wires, in the same direction, through a 3mm Swarovski Crystal bicone bead. Slide the bead down to the clasp/crimp area.
  4. Next, slide a 3mm bicone bead onto EACH wire and let them slide down to the clasp/crimp area.
  5. Take both wires and cross them through a new 3mm bicone bead and pull out to the sides. This will draw this new bead down to the previous 3 beads you added to your bracelet and will tighten them all together. Make sure the 2 beads you added in step 4 sit nicely next to each other at a slight “v” shape right above the bicone bead from step 3. 3
  6. Slide a 3mm bicone bead onto each wire.
  7. Feed both wires through the holes of your Preciosa Chaton 2-hole metal setting and slide everything down towards the rest of your beads. 4
  8. Slide a 3mm bicone bead onto each wire.
  9. Cross both wires through a new 3mm bicone bead and draw everything down tight.
  10. Repeat steps 8 & 9
  11. Repeat step 7
  12. Continue this pattern until you’ve reached your desired length! 🙂
  13. To finish up, mirror what you added at the beginning: After adding your last Chaton setting, slide a 3mm bicone onto each wire and then cross both wires through a new bicone. Add another 3mm bicone to each wire and then take both wires and feed them through another 3mm bicone but going in the same direction.
  14. Slide your crimp bead onto both wires and then feed both wires through the loop of your clasp and then back down into your crimp bead. Pull everything tight in the direction towards your bracelet. You may have to pull each wire a little at a time separately to work everything down.8
  15. Squish your crimp bead as you did in step 2 and snip off your tails of wire with your Flex Wire cutters.




I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! This bracelet truly feels wonderful on – it’s sleek and sexy and and there are so many color combinations that can be made. We currently (as of today, 8/6/18) have 6 colors up on our website for the Preciosa Chatons set into the 2-hole settings, but we’ll be adding more!! Feel free to check out our entire selection of 8mm Preciosa Chatons that we carry on our website (not in settings) and you’ll see what’s to come! We also carry an extensive selection of 8mm Swarovski Crystal Chatons for the other tried and true colors we’ve come to know and love.

Until next time Beaders!


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