Leah’s Must-Have picks for Every Bead Stash!

Greetings Beaders! Leah here with another blog from Eureka Crystal Beads! About a week and a half ago I wrote a blog for you about some great “splurge” items for your bead box. These were items that, while not necessary, could be fun and helpful additions to your arsenal despite their added expense – hence why they were called “splurge” items. Today I’m blogging about items that I feel are “must-have” items – essentially, the opposite of the splurge items. Because I know many of our customers are bead-weaving oriented, that’s where my focus will be this time around. Ok, let’s get into it!



Neutral metallic seed beads are a must-have for any beader. You’ll always add a pop of “that little something” missing when you utilize them, however sparingly, in a project. I always recommend having on-hand a Japanese seed bead in a gold, a silver, and a pewter color. Depending on the color(s) you’re working with in your project, or even the finish on those colors, will help determine which one to use – or – just go with your preference because I’m calling them “neutrals” for a reason! Here are my favorite picks for this category:



Another great product to have on-hand to enhance many of your projects are Swarovski Crystal Bicones in a variety of sizes and colors – BUT – I would most recommend the ever-versatile “Crystal AB.” This is a plain clear crystal with an iridescent finish over half the surface that will reflect beautifully whatever you use with it! Sizes such as 3mm and 4mm visually fit in nicely with your seed bead projects, and even the teeny tiny 2.5mm adds the most amazing touch of sparkle among your stitches!



*** AN AWL TOOL ***

I just love this inexpensive fine-pointed pokey tool that, surprisingly, assists me so often when I’m seed beading. It helps with some tangles, with popping out what might be plugging up a bead hole, and with helping to more nicely shape small beaded loops (like the ones on which you may be threading an ear wire) which makes them look oh-so-perfect for photographing! And at under $3, it’s a total must-have your stash to assist with seed bead projects and so much more! Awl with rubber grip

Ok folks, that wraps up my suggestions this time around! Hope you found this blog helpful and informative. I want to hear: what products do YOU consider “must-haves” in your bead stash?? COMMENT BELOW! :-

Until next time, 


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  1. Chris Jonientz says:

    Leah, Do you have any YouTube videos or written instructions on how to include small bicones in seed beading pieces? I tried it on a flat even number peyote bracelet but it looked a bit rough. I’m a beginner at beading.

    I always enjoy your posts. Thanks Chris L. Jonientz

    1. Hi Chris! Glad you enjoy my posts!! I’ll link a video below to a video I did that includes 4mm Swarovski Crystal bicones with seed bead flat netting – perhaps it’s something that may strike your fancy!! I’ll add to my to-do list to think of some more seed bead projects geared towards beginner level that include small crystals! Keep your eyes peeled 🙂 -Leah (The video is a little older so it’s not as high quality as the ones we film now, but it should do the trick) 😉

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