What’s Leah Working on? (StormDuos & IrisDuos!!) And why I need YOUR input!


Hello Busy Beaders, Leah here from Eureka Crystal Beads! Have you seen the 2 newest shapes from the Czech Republic that we’re carrying??!


Both of these fun shapes feature amazing colors (and we’ve chosen some of the most popular ones in which to start carrying them!), sassy curves, and 2 parallel holes. They fit together nicely with many of the other 2-hole Czech glass bead shapes and we think you’re going to love working with them. I just had to show you what I’ve been working on and also – ask for your help! (Decisions Decisions!) Read on…

So, upon finishing this blog I’ll be filming a >>Β videoΒ << for the below bracelet made with Storm Duos in addition to Toho size 11 seed beads, Toho size 15 seed beads, and 3mm & 4mm Swarovski Crystal bicones. I’m calling it the STORM DUO RIBBON BRACELET and it’s nicely finished with a TierraCast button! (Those links take you to the exact colors I used in my initial sample!)



In the video, I’ll be utilizing THESE colors……

You’ll want to check back to the Eureka Crystal Beads YouTube channel for the video when it gets posted in a few days or so, and I’ll also link it here for you as well when I can!

Are you excited?! I’m excited. I loved making this bracelet and look forward to showing you how it’s done. At some point in the future I’ll be sure to do a blog that shows step-by-step pictures and instructions for those who want to print it out. OK…so now on to YOU and why I need YOUR help!!

IRIS DUOS!! That’s what I need to make a project for NEXT… But, I can’t decide if I want to make a pattern for you lovely beaders in the form of a **PENDANT, BRACELET, or EARRINGS?**

>>> PLEASE – comment below with you input! What would you most like to see me make (as a pattern / video) with the new Iris Duos??

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, friends!!


41 thoughts on “What’s Leah Working on? (StormDuos & IrisDuos!!) And why I need YOUR input!

  1. Dawn says:

    Personally, I love bracelets, that’s my choice. Love the one you’ve already created, excited for the video.

  2. Valerie Fanning says:

    I prefer bracelet patterns because in many cases you can take a piece of it to make earrings or expand it to make a necklace. I just love the versatility of a bracelet pattern. πŸ™‚ just my opinion

  3. Lisa Pfeiffer says:

    Oh! do earrings! I’d love to see what you will come up with. It would be easy to repeat the pattern for a bracelet or to embellish the earring to make a pendant.

  4. Susan Dyson says:

    I always love a nice bracelet pattern. You can just about always incorporate just a portion of the pattern to make earrings. Sometimes you can use your imagination to enhance a portion of the pattern with other beads to make a pendant. So, I guess I’d like to see you make a bracelet pattern with the Iris Duos.

  5. Ruth Spiekerman says:

    I like the looks of the new bracelet and I really like that you have the instructions for me to print off. I do better reading and doing the project. So please continue to have both the video and the ability to print the instruction also. Sure much easier than having to sit and write the instructions out.

  6. Donna Hoefler says:

    I have seen a lot of bracelet and earring tutorials I would love to see a pendant . I would like to see one that can be worn everyday and not just special occasions. Whatever you make I am sure it will be beautiful.

  7. Linda German says:

    I’m a huge fan of Beaded Bracelets! I tend to wear very few bead earrings as my husband bought me a special necklace and pendant for my 50th birthday, and a matching set of earrings for our 25th Anniversary. Consequently, I do bracelets – and the occasional brooch for myself. I had my 6th Spinal Fusion surgery last November, and will find out late next month whether or not we are doing it all over again. This makes beading rather difficult at times – you have to retrain your body to do all the basics again, (sit, stand, walk + RAW, Peyote, Brick, …….). The basics! Yes, Beading is one!

    • eurekacrystalbeads says:

      Thanks for commenting Linda! I’m sure your necklace and earrings are gorgeous and I can understand why they are so so special to you. I wish a speedy recovery in the event that you must undergo another surgery. Continue to bead in good health! … Stay tuned… πŸ˜‰ -Leah

  8. Eileen says:

    Personally I like bracelets that are made of components or one motif that can be repeated. Therefore a single component can be used to make an earring and one or three components can be used to make a pendant.

  9. Kathee Tooher says:

    I hope Leah with this new ‘Artist Patterns’ that you will continue to have your own designs, color choices and wonderful tutorials. Nice that there are always new ideas but I would hate to lose your wonderful input and tutorials. Love all the colors Eureka Crystal Beads offers. I have always been attracted to color, that is how I got into beading. Also adore the Storm & Iris Duos. Can’t wait to see further ideas from you and Eureka Crystal Beads! Thank you Leah, for everything you do!!

    • eurekacrystalbeads says:

      Wow – what wonderful words to read, Kathee! Thank you so much πŸ™‚ Yes, of course I’ll continue to show plenty of tutorials via the Eureka blog and YouTube channel! In fact, in the near future I will also be one of the featured pattern makers we show on the website with a link to downloadable PDF patterns I’ve created as well. Thanks again so much for your support! -Leah

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