Hello, my friends!! “Excited” is not even the word for how I feel about Swarovski’s newest innovations for “Fall/Winter 2019/2020” – if you could have seen my reaction… I believe I may have said “Holy moly! I can’t even deal with how pretty these are!” (And there may or may not have been a small squeal. I admit to nothing.)


So, this blog is to give you a little bit of a preview and to let you know that it’s likely we’ll have plenty of these GORGEOUS new products up for sale next week! At that point, I’ll be doing some great videos and and projects to give you wonderful crystal clear (hehe, pun intended) video close-ups and lots of inspiration!!

So, this season’s Innovations from Swarovski Crystal center around the theme of “Be Yourself.” And how best to Be Yourself, or be your BEST self, than by decking yourself out in your most stunning handmade jewelry creations featuring these mouthwatering new finishes, effects, and products from the industries leading crystal manufacturer.


First up: Crystal LacquerPRO DeLite Effects!

This new color palette of more natural hues will simply dazzle you. The five new DeLite effects are: Light Grey DeLite, Burgundy DeLite, Army Green DeLite, Ochre DeLite, Cappuccino DeLite. I’m so looking forward to showing them to you up close and personal with a YouTube video and/or Facebook Live video that we’ll be planning for next week. If you simply can’t wait, check out this video for a stunning preview from Swarovski!


At this time I know for sure we’re going to be carrying Chatons and Rivolis!! I CANNOT wait to get my hands on them, and I can imagine you likely feel the same way! I promise to save plenty for you all. 😉


Next: Crystal Iridescent Tahitian Look Pearl!

Do you recall Swarovski’s (now-discontinued) Tahitian Look pearl? Well, it’s BACK and has been re-invented to be ten times better! It’s more vibrant with an intense teal base and features lovely iridescence that will play nicely off what you choose to pair it with. We’ll be carrying it in EVERY size! 



To round out this sneak peak, can we just talk about 2MM PEARLS!!!!

Swarovski will now be offering their stunning quality and beautiful looking finishes on a 2mm pearl bead!!! This will be a fantastic addition to your bead weaving projects to add that finish touch and know that the quality you’re using is supreme!! We plan on carrying the new 2mm pearls to round out our already huge selection at rock bottom pricing – and in more than just the new Tahitian Look, but the other colors as well!! I can’t wait to show you some great ways that I’ll be using them!

Ok folks, that’s it for now! Please continue to stay tuned! Comment below: tell me what you’re most excited to see! What do you want me to work with first when I’m able to get my hands on these gorgeous new products??! Let me know!

Bead On, friends!


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