Quick & Easy: Make a Delicate Autumn Lariat!

Hello Faithful Beaders! I’m here with a fun quickie project for you. To coincide with our Findings and Chain sale (continues today through tomorrow, 9/20/18!), I wanted to show you a beautiful way to create a delicate looking Lariat necklace that will be lovely for your fall wardrobe (or for any time of year!)

Here’s what I used:

1) First, using a pair of Chain Nose pliers in each hand, pre-open all of your jump rings by swiveling them to the side. It’s easier to get this done now and then they are ready to use throughout the rest of the project.


2) Now you’ll be cutting 6 pieces of chain. 2 each of 3 different lengths. Cut (2) pieces that are 10 links long, (2) pieces that are 16 links long, and (2) pieces that are 22 links long. Thread 1 of each of those 3 lengths into a jump ring, as pictured.


3) Attach each jump ring to the far ends of the rest of your length of chain. Swivel jump rings closed. If you started this whole project with 24″ of chain and cut these 6 pieces to my specific lengths, then the rest of the necklace should have 19″ to go around your neck.


4) Using more jump rings, attach your Swarovski Crystal Mini Pear Pendants to the bottoms of your lariat necklace. I used a Dark-to-Light scheme, using Jet at the bottom (on the longest chain) and then Bronze Shade above that, and Golden Shadow on the shortest chain. If you use the same chain and jump rings I’ve linked above in the materials list, the chain will be tight, but DOES fit onto the jump rings. 🙂


5) This is what one end of your lariat necklace looks like when completed!


6) And now this is what both end look like together! A lovely Autumn look with these colors, but consider other colors for various other seasons as well!


7) STUNNING when tied ever-so-simply around the neck. 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this project, folks!! Consider playing around with different styles, colors, or lengths of chain! Many other beads and pendants would look lovely at the ends of your lariat necklace as well – come see what we can offer you at Eureka Crystal Beads!

Until next time…


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