Fast & Easy: 2-strand Memory Wire and IrisDuos!

Hello Beading Friends! Today I have another fun, easy, and fast project for you! Memory wire, but kicked up a notch! Today we’ll use 2-strands of Memory Wire together along with just 3 other items – which makes creating color schemes for this project a total breeze – I’ll even give you some suggestions! Let’s get started…

What you’ll need:



Here’s my selection of beads! I’m going for an early fall motif, where some golds and browns are just starting to form on the trees up here in New England, but some blue and green from summer is trying to hold on just a bit! Using a 4mm Czech Firepolish mix is an effortless way to add some lovely texture and color variety into this project. It also makes selecting the IrisDuos and 1.5mm Toho Cube Beads easy, because you can base them off of the tones already in the Firepolish mix!

IMG_78491) First we need to cut 2 pieces of Memory Wire. (If you’ve never worked with Memory Wire before, here’s a quick run down: It’s a stainless steel wire that simply wraps around your wrist – no clasp is needed! However, it can be difficult to cut, so make sure to use a Memory Wire cutter which is especially meant for this type of wire. You WILL damage your regular jewelry wire cutters if you use them on memory wire!!) We want 2 separate pieces of Memory Wire that are each 2 coils long. If you take note of yellow arrow in the image, it will show you where to cut. 



2) Use your Round Nose pliers to roll a loop on 1 end of both of the pieces of Memory Wire. I prefer to roll my loop in the opposite direction as the direction in which the Memory Wire coils. This keeps the loops I’ve rolled from digging into my wrist as I wear the finished bracelet.





3) See next image. This is how I prefer to hold my two open Memory Wire ends as I work with them. Then, I feed beads onto each side and then slide them down together.





4) To begin, slide (1) 1.5mm Toho Cube Bead onto each side. Then, slide both ends though the holes of (1) Irisduo. *Next, slide (2) 1.5mm cubes, (1) 4mm Czech Firepolish bead, and (2) 1.5mm cubes onto each side. Lastly, slide both ends through (1) Irisduo. REPEAT THIS SEQUENCE from the *.




5) After your last Irisduo has been added, end each side with (1) 1.5mm cube bead. Use your Round Nose pliers to roll a loop at the ends of your Memory Wire and you’re all done!!  **OPTIONAL** Try using headpins and left over beads to add some dangles from the 4 Memory Wire ends!



This is a really great way to get a nice layered look and it’s just a bonus that this design is simply SO EASY to take on and off! Now, let’s get to some other fun color combinations you may consider trying!!

**TIP** Consider playing with textures and finishes! Notice that my 1.5mm Toho Cube Bead is shiny, and my Irisduo is more of a matte/satin finish! Also, the 4mm Czech Firepolish mixes we offer usually contain a nice selection of finished in addition to the lovely color combinations. If you select a shiny Irisduo, try working in one of our matte colors in the Toho cubes!










Ok, that’s it for now, folks!! I hope you all give this fun project a try.

Let me know in the comments below if you found these color suggestions helpful to you! 

Until next time!


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  1. Sondry Behn says:

    Yes, nice color mixes!

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