Hello Beady Friends! Leah here from Eureka Crystal! With how well my October Bead Challenge (“Purple with a Pop!”) went over, I decide to throw you another bead challenge for November!

Ok, so here’s the run-down: Do you ever feel like you need a little push? Or perhaps some inspiration to think outside your box? (If so, I’m right there with ya!) So I have another month-long Beading Challenge for you! No stress, no pressure…simply a fun – unofficial – beading event to push you outside your comfort zone if you’re feelin’ in a rut and want to spark your creativity – or for no reason at all because do we really NEED a reason to bead more? I think not. 🙂 Please read on for details…

November Beading Challenge Theme: FALL in love with Pearls!

Guidelines: I want to see what you can create in this month’s theme! FALL in love with Pearls means that the overwhelming look of your submission(s) must be pearls, or if not, must at least be showcasing a pearl (or pearls) in a lovely way! I’ll be giving you some product ideas below, but feel free to use whatever you have in your own stash! Take some inspiration from my ideas below or come up with your own! This challenge is all about pushing yourself to work within a theme, but most of all – HAVING FUN and ending up with a beautiful creation to wear with PRIDE.

If you’d like to share, I’d love to see what you come up with! Feel free to send a picture of your finished piece (or even unfinished pieces! This is no pressure, right?) over to me via Facebook Messenger on the Eureka Crystal Beads page! Make sure to let me know if it’s ok for me to share your picture(s) on our Facebook page – we plan on putting up a fun album with all your FALL in love with Pearls projects at the end of the month!

Ok, here are my Inspirational Selections for our Challenge Theme!

TIME SENSITIVE NEWS: First, just a quick note that through Friday November 2nd (12pm EST) we have a VINTAGE and LIMITED EDITION sale going on at Eureka Crystal! Why is this relevant, you ask? Because what’s included in it is – you guessed it – PEARLS! So if you’re feelin’ adventurous and want to include some genuine Freshwater Pearls at SCARILY LOW PRICES (oooooooh Halloween joke!!), this is the time to grab some and play! **25% off – use code:  LIMITED   —  **SALE OVER**


Above are a few of my favorites!


Have you seen Swarovski’s newest pearl color: IRIDESCENT TAHITIAN ?? I’m actually a huge fan of deep & dark teal’s for the Fall season, especially when mixed with coppers, rose gold, or burnt orange! Consider giving Iridescent Tahitian a whirl for this challenge!! We currently have them in all sizes, small to large – including Swarovski’s newest size: teeny tiny 2MM!!

2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm




Clockwise from TOP-CENTER: Size 11 Crystal Copper Lined Round TOHO seed bead  //  Size 8 Rose Gold Galvanized Permafinish Round TOHO seed bead  //   ZoliDuo Copper Metallic Matte 2-hole Czech Glass Beads (left side!)  //   MiniDuo Burnt Orange Gold Shine 2-hole Czech Glass Beads  //   3mm Bicone Crystal Rose Gold 2X Swarovski Crystal Beads  //   4mm Rose Gold Round Swarovski Crystal Pearls


Want to go with something a little more cost-effective? Consider trying out CEYLON seed beads! Seed beads with a “Ceylon” finish are VERY PEARLY and can give you a lovely similar look! Here are a few of my favorite ceylon seed beads:


Left > Right: Size 15 Miyuki Round Seed Bead Mint Green Ceylon  //  Size 15 Miyuki Round Seed Bead Ivory Pearl Ceylon  //  Size 11 Toho Round Seed Bead Grape Mist Ceylon  //  Size 11 Miyuki Round Seed Bead Silver Gray Ceylon

Ok folks, so there are some ideas for you! Use these products, simply take inspiration from them, OR come up with your own inspiration! I challenge YOU to CHALLENGE YOURSELF and come up with something amazing in the theme of FALL in love with Pearls!  🙂

Until next time…




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