Leah’s Holiday Season Palettes!

Hello Beady Friends!! So I must tell you… the holidays we celebrate at this time of year are simply some of my favorite. I’m reminded of family, yummy food, lovely – sometimes dazzling – decorations, and traditions near and dear to my heart.

In today’s blog, I’m going to provide some holiday-inspired color palettes that are sure to excite your creative little beady fingers into creating some extra-stunning jewelry with which to finish off 2018!


Swarovski Crystal Rivolis (12mm): Crystal Dark Red // Silk // Rose Peach

Swarovski Crystal Bicones (4mm): Crystal Rose Gold 2X // White Opal Brandy // Scarlet AB

Seed Beads: #1704 Lavender Marble Gilded Toho size 11 // Gold Plated Charlotte Czech size 15 // #202 Lilac Gold Luster Toho size 11


Swarovski Crystal: Majestic Blue 14mm Rivoli // Crystal CAL 2X 4mm Bicone // White 4mm round pearls // Crystal Aurum 2X 4mm Bicone

Preciosa Crystal: Sapphire Silver Plated SS20 Rose Montees

Seed Beads: #361 Cobalt Opaque Matte Luster Delica Miyuki seed beads // #PF557F Starlight Matte Galvanized Permafinish Toho size 15

Czech Glass Beads: 6mm Wheel Beads White Opaque Luster AB // Amos par Puca 5x8mm 2-hole Silver


Swarovski Crystal: Emerald 10mm Rivolis // Emerald AB2X 3mm Bicones // Siam 3mm Bicones // Light Siam 8mm SS39 Chatons // Crystal Gold Patina 8mm SS39 Chatons //

Seed Beads: #36 Green Emerald Silver Lined Toho Bugle beads size 1 (3mm) // #961 Bright Sterling Plated Miyuki size 15 // #45 Opaque Pepper Red Toho size 11 // 24K Gold Plated Round Czech size 8 // #204 Montana Blue Gold Luster Toho size 11

Czech Crystal: 17mm Silver Plated North Star Czech Rhinestone button


Swarovski Crystal: Crystal CAL AB 4mm bicone // Iridescent Light Blue 8mm Round pearl // Crystal Paradise Shine 8mm SS39 Chatons // Smoked Topaz AB2X 8mm Bicone // Crystal AB 16mm Rivoli //

Seed Beads: #86 Iris Rainbow Metallic Toho Bugle beads size 1 (3mm) //

Czech Glass: Primrose Yellow Saturated Metallic 4mm Druk beads


I hope you’ve enjoyed these colorful holiday-season-inspired bead palettes, my friends! May they help to motivate and inspire some amazing projects as we hunker down with the cold weather of winter (at least here in New England!) 😉 

Happy Beading!



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  1. Michelle Gray says:

    Gosh, I LOVE your collections. You put together collections I don’t think I’d come up with on my own. Thanks for offering them.

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