The Merry Merry Earring!

*** UPDATE: Unfortunately Swarovski cube beads and Margarita beads are no longer available but if you have some in your bead stash, here is a fun project you can make using them! ***

Seasons Greetings fellow Beaders! I know that December isn’t quite upon us yet but it’s just around the corner – can you believe it?! If you’re anything like me, you love the fact that your jewelry making skills can be easily put to good use during the entire holiday season – whether it’s making a piece of jewelry to perfectly coordinate with your party attire (or even to match your Thanksgiving apron – no judging!), getting caught up on your craft show inventory, or for…GIFT-GIVING!! In all my years in the beading/jewelry industry, I’ve found that no time of year is busier for a beader than Fall heading into Winter. I, personally, love the gift-giving aspect of this passion of ours!


Today I’m showing you a quick, easy, and inexpensive pair of earrings that are perfect for adding some sparkle to your lobes – or the lobes of others! These earrings are a proven smash hit at craft shows and anyone lucky enough to receive a pair from you will treasure them each season, for sure. May I present to you… THE MERRY MERRY EARRING!!Β 

Note: This earring design, along with many other stacked crystal holiday designs, has been around for many many years and is floating out there being created by many other beaders. Eureka is not claiming it as an original design. I do think I picked pretty snazzy colors for it though. πŸ˜‰


What you’ll need:


Firstly, you’ll notice that the Crystal Vitrail Medium Margarita beads have a front and a back. In this, or any, project it’s up to you which side you would prefer to feature! Pictured here is the “finish” side face-up on the left and the “finish” side face-down on the right. You’ll want to make this distinction when you load your beads onto your head pin – or you can go a little wild and not worry about it at all! I’ve created my finished pair to have the finish-side facing down.


I’ve stacked my beads into my head pin starting first with the 4mm Swarovski Crystal cube bead, and then the 3 Margarita beads starting with 10mm, then 8mm, and then 6mm. Topping it all off is that lovely and dazzling 3mm bicone in Crystal AB CAL – which if you haven’t seen it in person is BEYOND stunning. (We carry it in 4mm as well!)


Next, I’ve used my Chain Nose pliers and bent the head pin at a 90 degree angle right above the 3mm bicone. The great thing about using a 1″ head pin in this project is that you won’t need to snip the wire down at all – what’s left will be perfect for rolling your loop!

***TIP: Grab the head pin RIGHT above the 3mm bicone (so close that the pliers are touching it) and then move the pliers up just a hair… this small allowance of wiggle room is what will create your bend perfectly above your bead but won’t allow the pliers to be so close that they will crack the top.


Use your Round Nose pliers to roll that left over wire above your bead into a nice clean loop. If you’ve never rolled a loop before, it can sometimes take practice to get the tip of the wire to meet perfectly atop the bead, so you may want to practice a few times first to figure out where on your pliers you need to grip the wire to create the perfect sized loop – as jaw size can vary plier to plier.


Pictured here is exactly what you want your loop to look like once finished!Β  (Look at that cute little tree!!!)Β 


Now, use your Chain Nose pliers to gently swivel open the loop of your ear wires. Then, simply slide your earring onto it and swivel it closed!


Repeat the above steps for the other side and you’ll find yourself with a stunning pair of Merry Merry Earrings for yourself, to sell, or to gift to a co-worker or loved one!

I hope you love them as much as I do!

Until next time – Stay Warm!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Toni says:

    Love them, now to order the supplies. I realize it’s late in the season, but hopefully there’s next year. thanks for sharing!!

    1. We have plenty if you ever wanted to order them for this season, Toni – and we ship lightning fast πŸ™‚

  2. Thomas Wentworth says:

    Love the color combo, Leah! One thing I will share with everyone is an alternative way to make that right angle bend in the head pin before making the loop. I find that using chain nose pliers is difficult and risks cracking the top bead. I use an old table knife secured in a vise as a thin edge over which I can bend the wire. Just snug the stacked beads at a right angle against the knife edge, pushing the pin head gently with a finger of your non-dominant hand. Using a finger of your your dominant hand, bend the wire down against the surface of the knife to form the right angle. The bend will be very close to the top bead, nice and sharp, and I’ve never cracked a bead. Just be sure your table knife is not too sharp! πŸ™‚

    1. Interesting approach, Thomas! If only we all had table vises πŸ˜‰ -Leah

  3. Creta Vasecka says:

    Can I get the beads here for the earrings. . I want to make 6 pr.

    1. Hi Creta! Yes, of course you can πŸ™‚ In the blog material list (“What you’ll need”) – those are links to the products for purchase on our website πŸ™‚ Let me know if you have any questions. -Leah

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