Hello Beady Friends! Leah here from Eureka Crystal Beads.com! It’s that time again – another beading challenge for you all!

Ok, so here’s the run-down: Do you ever feel like you need a little push? Or perhaps some inspiration to think outside your box? (If so, I’m right there with ya!) So I have another month-long Beading Challenge for you! No stress, no pressure…simply a fun – unofficial – beading event to push you outside your comfort zone if you’re feelin’ in a rut and want to spark your creativity – or for no reason at all because do we really NEED a reason to bead more? I think not. 🙂 Please read on for details…

February Beading Challenge Theme: The Shades of Love!

Guidelines: I want to see what you can create in this month’s theme! The Shades of Love theme can be interpreted in many ways – so I don’t want you to feel like you’re boxed in to the typical Valentine’s day palette that you first think of! If you’re feelin’ lovey-dovey, show us your reds, pinks, blushes, hearts, and various other V-Day fare! If you’re not a fan of February’s day-of-love holiday, shows us that instead >> perhaps you’re inspired to create something in blacks, greys, and other fabulous moody colors! Or, perhaps “love” for you means something entirely different! Maybe your love is a PLACE – and you want to create something to show off the colors of the ocean that draw you in, or the lights of Paris that you remember from a vacation so long ago – and long for again! This is YOUR opportunity to have some fun with SHADES OF LOVE and what that phrase means to you – in jewelry form!! So let’s see it, folks – and let me show off your beautiful work!


(I’ll be giving you some product ideas below, but they don’t have to be included –  feel free to use whatever you have in your own stash! Take some inspiration from my ideas or come up with your own! This challenge is all about pushing yourself to work within a theme, but most of all – HAVING FUN and ending up with a beautiful creation to wear with PRIDE.)

* * * If you’d like to share, I’d love to see what you come up with! Feel free to send a picture of your finished piece(s) (or even unfinished pieces! This is no pressure, right?) over to me via Facebook Messenger on the Eureka Crystal Beads Facebook page! Make sure to let me know if it’s ok for me to share your picture(s)/words  – we plan on putting up a fun album with all your Shades of Love projects at the end of the month! * * *

Ok, here are my Inspirational Selections for our Challenge Theme!



We’re all familiar with Swarovski’s classic reds: Siam & Light Siam… but have you given SCARLET a chance? This in-between red is deep, sultry, and sexy! Check it out here in 4mm Swarovski Crystal bicones Scarlet, Scarlet AB, and Scarlet AB2X!!


Or, check out all of the Swarovski Crystals we carry in SCARLET, regardless of shape, size, or finish!

And of course, how can we forget the classic shape for Valentine’s… HEARTS!!




First, can we just talk about these awesome Tierracast pewter heart buttons in antique silver and antique copper? They’d make a great accent on a leather wrap bracelet for a subtle approach to V-Day! If you want to try your hand at making one, check out my YouTube video tutorial on the Eureka Crystal Beads channel!




I just love the heart beads by Swarovski Crystal – no fancy wire-wrapping or bails needed! Simply string a few of them in a row (off-center would be lovely!!) among a strand of Swarovski Pearls for a simply and stunning bracelet design that will whip up in no time at all. Find them here and here on Eureka’s website!

Or, just do a search for all HEART products on our website for TONS of options!!



FOR THOSE WHO AREN’T FEELING VALENTINE’S DAY…Some items that are a little darker, perhaps?


I think these would make an amazing necklace used all together!! From Left to Right: 8mm Black Swarovski Crystal Pearls // 3mm Black Diamond AB Swarovski Crystal Bicones // 22x15mm Jet Swarovski Crystal Baroque pendant // 4mm Siam Swarovski Crystal Bicones


Or check out our ever-popular Exclusive Coordinated Custom Mixes! This one is shown in METALLIC NIGHT and would be the perfect selection for the Anti-Valentine’r! From Left to Right: Swarovski Rivoli and Chaton Accent Mix // Toho Size 11 Seed Bead Mix // 4mm Swarovski bicone mix // Czech Glass Beads mix

Check out all of our amazing exclusive Custom Coordinated Mixes!


Ok folks, so there are some ideas for you! Use these products, simply take inspiration from them, OR come up with your own inspiration! I challenge YOU to CHALLENGE YOURSELF and come up with something amazing in the theme of Shades of Love!🙂

Until next time…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joyce Manning says:

    I have always loved red

  2. linda fyfe says:

    Have always felt challenged using red, but you have inspired me to try,

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