2019 Color of the Year – Coral

Hello, friends! Mikahla here from Eureka Crystal Beads with the first of many in my new series on color trends. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next project, wondering what to match with coral, or just generally wondering what’s in style this year (and why), read on πŸ™‚

The “Color of the Year”

“An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge

If you’ve been surfing social media this year, you’ve probably heard the mention of “Living Coral,” Pantone’s official color of the year…what does that mean? What shade of coral makes it living coral? Well, Pantone is best known for its proprietary “Pantone Matching System,” a universal color language. This system is used for printing, manufacturing and producing super-exact colors across a variety of different materials. This is useful to big brand names like Tiffany & Co – it helps them to match their company color on boxes, websites, postal mailers, and jewelry. Pantone has become so infamous as a color authority that designers and fashionistas worldwide look to them for trends and suggestions in color.

And why should that matter to a beader? Well, it does and it doesn’t!! Maybe getting the exact shade of living coral isn’t what’s important to us, or even within the realm of possibility. It’s the spirit of the color “living coral” that we should be trying to capture and embody in our work. Coral is a wonderful, workable, wearable shade that isn’t quite pink, and isn’t quite orange – and it’s trendy for summer 2019.

I’ve listed a few examples of coral beads that I think fit into this year’s theme (it’s flexible!)

5x3mm CORAL LUSTER Czech Glass Gemstone Rondelles
PINK CORAL #5810 5mm Round Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Incorporate shades of “Living Coral” into your jewelry designs, pattern adaptations, and bead & stone collection to keep your work looking fresh and up to date. This shade is optimistic, versatile, and fairly gender neutral, making it a great addition to any beaders collection.

“Sociable and spirited, the engaging nature of PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral welcomes and encourages lighthearted activity. Symbolizing our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits, PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral embodies our desire for playful expression.”

PANTONE from https://www.pantone.com/articles/past-colors-of-the-year/color-of-the-year-2019

More “Living Coral” Matches

Ultra Coral Reef AB Swarovski 12mm custom-coated crystal rivoli
Ultra Coral Reef AB Swarovski 14mm custom-coated crystal rivoli
Ultra Coral Reef AB Swarovski 12mm custom-coated crystal cushion
Swarovski 4mm
crystal pearls
Cantaloupe Tutti Frutti Czech Glass
Superduo Beads
Cantaloupe Tutti Frutti Czech Glass
Gemduo Beads
Cantaloupe Tutti Frutti Czech Glass
Paisleyduo Beads
Light Siam Pearl Shell
Czech Glass
2mm Pearls
Salmon Ceylon
Miyuki Delica 11/0
Seed Beads
Salmon Ceylon
Miyuki Round 11/0
Seed Beads
Rainbow Crystal Salmon Lined 15/0 Toho Round Seed Beads
Coral Gold Plated
Rhinestone 3mm Cupchain

Pantone Color Palettes!

Pantone even released some lovely palettes to inspire the public with other colors to match against coral. If you’re struggling with what you might pair with such a striking peachy shade, these palettes could be a great starting point. They employ tried and true color harmony techniques, and use the trendiest shades of the season across the board. The color bars to the right of the palettes are suggestions for the amounts of each color you might consider incorporating into any one design at once.

Complex Color Harmony




Swarovski 14mm crystal rivolis
Dark Lapis Swarovski 4mm crystal pearls
Dark Blue Metallic Suede Czech Glass 4mm Rondelles
Navy Blue Semi-Glazed 15/0
Toho Seed Beads
Blue Goldstone
2mm Faceted Gemstone Beads


Lt. Sapphire Dk. Blue Lined 11/0 Toho Round Seed Beads
Saturated Metallic Marina 4mm
Czech Glass
Soft Blue Semi-Glazed 11/0 Toho Round Seed Beads
Swarovski 6mm crystal pearls
Majestic Blue
Swarovski 3mm `crystal bicones

“Viridian Green”

Laguna Delite
Swarovski 8mm crystal chatons
Teal Pearl
Czech Glass Triangles
Teal Matte AB
15/0 Toho Round Seed Beads
Teal Luster
11/0 Toho Round Seed Beads
Saturated Teal
4mm Round Firepolish

“Turtle Green”

Golden Lime Saturated Metallic
3mm Firepolish
Iridescent Green
Swarovski 4mm crystal pearls
Olivine Opaque Nebula Czech Glass
Fern Green Topaz
Swarovski 6mm crystal rondelle
Swarovski 14mm crystal rivoli

“Sea Pink”

Light Rose Brandy
Swarovski 4mm
crystal bicones
Cherub Ethereal Halo
4mm Firepolish
Soft Pink Opaque Luster
Carrier Beads
Milky Baby Pink Silver Lined 11/0
Toho Seed Beads
Light Rose
Swarovski 14mm crystal rivoli

“Vibrant Yellow”

Cry. Ult. Citrine AB
Swarovski 12mm crystal rivoli
Yellow Opaque
Size 11/0 Miyuki Delica
Yellow Opaque Luster
Crystal Buttercup
Swarovski 8mm crystal chaton
Swarovski 4mm crystal bicones

“Limpet Shell”

Lt. Azore Pearl
Kheops par Puca
Triangle Beads
Light Azore
Swarovski 4mm crystal bicones
Light Turquoise
Swarovski 14mm crystal rivoli
Aqua Ceylon
11/0 Toho Aiko Seed Beads
Alexandrite Gold Sueded
3mm Firepolish

Warm Toned Color Harmony



“Conch Shell”

Rose Peach Swarovski 4mm crystal bicones
Watermelon 14mm Lunasoft Lucite Cabochon
Flamingo Pink Pearl 2mm Czech Glass Pearls
Impatiens Pink Ceylon 11/0 Toho Round Seed Beads
Peach Blush 11/0 Toho Round Seed Beads

“Hot Pink”

Rose Pearl Shine Czech Glass Superduos
Hot Pink Metalust Matte Nib-Bit Czech Glass
Indian Pink AB Swarovski 4mm crystal bicones
Pink Silver Lined 15/0 Toho Round Seed Beads
Translucent Silver Lined Hot Pink 11/0 Toho Aiko

“Aurora Pink”

Lt. Pink Pearl Shine Czech Glass Superduos
Pink Lilac Galvanized PF 11/0 Toho Round Beads
Swarovski 14mm crystal rivolis

“Magenta Haze”

Crystal Burgundy Delite Swarovski 8mm crystal chaton
Saturated Metallic Red Pear 2-Hole Crescent Beads
Burgundy Swarovski 6mm crystal pearls
Burgundy Pearl Czech Glass Gemduo
Burgundy Pearl Czech Glass Superduo

“Radiant Yellow”

Swarovski 10mm crystal rivoli
Tangerine Pacifica 2mm Round Czech Glass Druk Beads
Topaz AB2X Swarovski 4mm crystal bicones
Crystal Ochre Delite Swarovski 8mm crystal chaton
Saturated Pumpkin 4mm Round Firepolish

“Amber Glow”

Saturated Metallic Russett Orange 3mm Round Druks
Saturated Metallic Flame 7mm Cabochon Beads
Red Amber Opal
3-hole Czech Glass Cali Beads
Burnt Orange Gold Shine Czech Glass Miniduo
Smoked Topaz Swarovski 10mm crystal rivoli


Crystal Peach Delite Swarovski 8mm crystal chaton
Crystal Peach Delite Swarovski 14mm crystal rivoli
Translucent Silver Lined Peach 11/0 Toho Aiko
Rose Peach Swarovski 6mm crystal pearls
Milky Peach Silver Lined 11/0 Toho Round Beads

Bright & Dramatic Color Harmony



“Sulphur Spring”

Lime Punch Saturated Metallic
3mm Druk Beads
Lime Green Rainbow Matte 11/0 Toho Round Seed Beads
Yellow Gold
Transparent Lime
11/0 Toho Aiko Seed Beads
Crystal Lime
Swarovski 8mm crystal chaton

“Chive Blossom”

Purple Velvet Swarovski 4mm crystal bicone
Milky Bodacious Hybrid 11/0 Toho Round Seed Beads
Iridescent Purple
Swarovski 6mm crystal pearls
Saturated Metallic Bodacious 7mm Cabochon Beads
Purple Saturated Metallic Czech Crescent Beads


Rose Saturated Metallic Czech Crescent Beads
Ruby AB
Swarovski 4mm crystal bicones
Saturated Fuschia 4mm Firepolish Czech Beads
Swarovski 22mm crystal pear
Rhodalite Garnet
Faceted 2mm Gemstone Beads

“Barrier Reef”

Swarovski 4mm crystal bicones
3mm Firepolish Czech Glass
Saturated Metallic Shaded Spruce 7mm Cabochon Beads
Saturated Metallic Shaded Spruce 4mm Round Druk Beads
Teal Rainbow 11/0 Toho Round Seed Beads

“Deep Lake”

Iridescent Tahitian Swarovski 6mm crystal pearls
Inside Dyed Teal 11/0 Miyuki Delica Seed Beads
3mm Round Czech Glass Pearls
Lt. Sapphire Rainbow Teal Lined 11/0 Toho Seed Beads
Teal Matte
11/0 Toho Round Seed Beads

“Ibiza Blue”

PF Galvanized Aqua Sky 11/0 Toho Round Seed Beads
Capri Blue Swarovski 4mm crystal bicones
Inside Dyed Aqua 11/0 Miyuki Delica Seed Beads
Saturated Metallic Marina 4mm Firepolish Beads
Saturated Metallic Marina 8mm Czech Druk Beads

“Pink Lemonade”

Pink Carnation Ceylon 11/0 Miyuki Delica Seed Beads
Padparadscha Swarovski 11×5.5 crystal briolettes
Silver Lined Milky Mauve 11/0 Toho Round Seed Beads
Padparadscha AB2X Swarovski 4mm crystal bicones
Pink Carnation Lined 11/0 Miyuki Round Seed Beads

Looking to Keep it Simple?

Coral Earring Kit

If you love “Living Coral,” but don’t love the stress of picking out all of those colors, we have a lovely alternative option for you! Just use ONE color. These cascade earrings utilize over 30 Swarovski crystal pears! They are energetic, sparkly, and fun…and they come in the color coral! Get everything you need to make them in our kit.

Note: This product is no longer available

Thank you Pantone, for putting lovely content out into the world. Pantone does not partner with Eureka Crystal Beads, and did not sponsor or review this blog post. Eureka Crystal Beads did not create any of the cited Pantone graphics or color palettes, including the one displayed directly above.

What if Coral’s NOT my Color?

That’s alright, I hope you warm up to it sooner or later…but there are more great suggestions from Pantone, and Eureka Crystal Beads, to help you through the Summer. Keep an eye out for our next Color Trends post. Thanks for sticking around until the end, drop a comment below to let me know if you liked this content, or if you have any questions!! Bye ❀

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  1. Sonia Muniz says:

    I live in Puerto Rico and I love bright bold colors… Coral is right up my alley.. I don’t have much of of a stash but I try… Love your company and all you offer… Thank you so much for the videos and for the informative article…

  2. Jan C Martin says:

    Beautiful colors! I love them all! I like this idea for the blog, will give me a much better idea what colors coordinate with others!

  3. Lisa Ludke says:

    The coral colors are so lovely and I really like to see all the colors in that palette that can coordinate together.

  4. Carla Ardinger says:

    I’m a Florida girl, so coral is my color! Mix it with turquoise and you’ll feel right at home here too!

  5. Love the coral colors! So warm & cheery. And the blog itself is looking great! Way to go! Adding it to my Feedly .

  6. Hannah Moore says:

    I love this post, great for color inspiration, I am looking forward to more like it! I love the earrings and the product suggestions you gathered πŸ™‚

  7. Susan Baker says:

    I never thought I liked coral until I saw this collection. Now my brain can’t stop thinking about ways to use it! Thanks for such a beautiful collection!!

  8. Granda Mn says:

    Finally a color my daughter will enjoy. She usually doesn’t wear bracelets, I know she will definitely wear jewelry with these coral colors. Thank you for this color.

  9. Solanlly Kuziak says:

    The color of the year is gorgeous!! This color is one that goes great with pretty much any color of the palette.

  10. Susan crossley says:

    Love coral especial with turquoise did my poach in those beautiful colors. Love the blog working on some summer Jewerly and ideas for new palettes is so inspiring

  11. missusb says:

    I loved looking at all the colors that coordinate with the coral color; especially teal or turquoise. I really need to see colors together; I am terribly color-challenged. No imagination.

  12. kljewelry2012 says:

    Love the detail on all the colors in this post. Can’t wait to start creating with this years color!

  13. Erin Grimshaw says:

    Not a huge fan of coral but with all your complimentary color suggestions I’m sure I can make some lovely things. Thanks for shzring your expertise!

  14. I love the coral pink personally I’ve used it in many of my designs. The color mixes so well with others. And this blog is an amazing tool from beginners to advanced!!

  15. Louise Stevens says:

    Thank you for the cool information, this will help. It’s so wonderful to have a chart that combines color’s, makes beading so much easier, my biggest challenge.

  16. Not only am I a fan of Coral for this time of the year, I love the options for coordinating other colors with it! It’s not necessarily the easiest color to coordinate, but you’ve done a great job at making suggestions. Thank you!

  17. Love the color schemes. Makes me want to get all the beads and Pearl’s and bead away. Lovely names with good product representation. I can’t believe you couldn’t find a place for “atrial pink” in the orange, topaz, or pink catagories……gorgeous color!!

    1. Hey Vonda! With so many beautiful colors, Astral Pink just didn’t make the cut!!! It’s certainly a gorgeous color though ❀

  18. Judie says:

    Love the examples of go together colors! Sure makes choosing a beading pallet so much easier!

  19. This was a very useful article. I’ve always been a little intimidated by coral shades. However, seeing all the things they pair well with makes me feel a lot more confident!

    Bonus: so many pretty bead photos to drool over! πŸ˜‰

  20. Jean Lima-Keyte says:

    Thank you for putting this together. It showed me how many choices in color palettes there are that work. I love the different colors and shapes of beads that are available. Great inspiration!

  21. Helen says:

    This is a great post, I will be referring back to it when I need help picking colors.

  22. sue e. says:

    Love coral-since it’s not really pink. I also like all the color and beading product combo suggestions, certainly will be helpful–especially because sometimes it takes me longer to decide on a colorway than it does to bead the project.

  23. Hanan wahby says:

    I adore this color and the color inspiration it provided. Nothing worst than getting that creative block that happens once in a while but I’m always inspired when I visit eureka crystal. Thank you

  24. Laura Herring says:

    Very informative blog entry. I especially liked the other colors that go with. Whick brings me to this. I made a flower using the coral colors and might need some help. I want to make a netting scarf to put it on and wondering what color to use for the netting? I will post a picture of it on your Facebook page? If that’s ok?

    1. Glad you liked it, Laura ❀ It's absolutely okay to post a picture to our page, but my best recommendation is for you to join our Facebook Group, "The Beader's Nook." We have over 3000 beaders of all different skill levels in the group, and they love to give each other color advice, suggestions, support, and encouragement on projects!!! Leah and myself are group admins, so we will also be there to help you with whatever you need!!!

      FB Group Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/319085948930672


      1. Laura Herring says:

        I’m already a member of the Nook. Thank you.


    This color matches so many other vibrant colors and kicks them up a notch. I love pairing it with a turquoise or heating it up with mauve. I cannot wait to start creating!

  26. Priscilla Osgood says:

    I love coral. For me it is a warm and happy color and I use it often. I have not seen the rivoli in my LBS but looks gorgeous. Swarovski has the best colors.

  27. Candace Metzger says:

    Thank you for all the information that was given on the blog. I am very optimistic that working with living coral will be a wonderful experience. I love this color and can’t wait to make some beautiful jewelry with it.

  28. Bonnie says:

    I love the coral color! The is so much information! It is wonderful. I like to know what others colors look great with the coral! Thank you!

  29. Barbara Winski says:

    Coral doesn’t go well with my skin tone, contrary to the fact that “everyone” looks good in it, but it can work when paired with the beautiful varieties of other colors you paired it with

  30. Joyce Manning says:

    I love the colors, beautiful design.

  31. Patricia Young says:

    Love this new coral color. So bight and cheerful

  32. Liz Tindley says:

    Love the coral color. Can’t wait to make something with it!

  33. DonnaHolli says:

    I love this color and glad to see it made color of the year. I appreciate the suggestions for color pairing with it and seeing so many luscious bead suggestions. Thanks!

  34. Sharon Shepherd says:

    This blog was very helpful in seeing all the different shades of coral together, what can be made with them and just what is available. Great inspirational ideas. I find that I really do like coral when I wasn’t so sure when this color was announced as the Pantone color of the year. Think I will have to give it a try.

  35. I always love seeing the new color palette for the color of the year & coral is especially beautiful.

  36. Debbie Carney says:

    I love the color Coral , and love that you pick beautiful beads that go together so well. The other color combo’s that you have shown are also very beautiful, I love the help of matching beads

  37. Phyllis Deem says:

    Absolutely beautiful corals! ❀️❀️❀️

  38. Deborah Perez says:

    Very informative article and thank you for the color palettes to harmonize with coral. I love this color and often pair it with rose gold or dark blue. But now I have other colors to try it with πŸ‘

  39. Lisa Evans says:

    Love all the colours, they are so vibrant and fresh

  40. Mary Daley says:

    I really need help to match colors so this blog post is very helpful. Plus the living coral color is beautiful. Thanks for the help!!

  41. June MacPhee says:

    Had some trouble finding where to post 😁.
    Love this color. I think it’s a great idea to write about what’s in trend for this season and especially it’s useful for those selling their products. Adding the colors that can be complementary with coral is also a good idea. Some have trouble fguring out just what goes with what color.
    This is my first time visiting the blog. It’s great. I’ll be visiting often now.

  42. Pam S says:

    What a great post! I appreciated the information about the Pantone system and the advice about color palates

  43. Jennifer Teribury says:

    Coral is one of my favorite orange colors. You guys did great on this blog post πŸ˜‰

  44. Meredith McKenna says:

    Great article! I find matching and picking colors the hardest! Thats awesome that you included colors that go with the living coral color! I love the bright colors, they were my favorite ones paired with the coral! Thanks for providing so much color inspiration! I never thought about actually using the coral color cuz its really not me…but paired with some of those awesome bright colors makes me want to try using some coral! πŸ˜‰

  45. Erin Wood says:

    I really appreciate this blog because it has great color combos that I may not have explored. Thanks!

  46. I adore Coral. I was thrilled when Pantone named of color of the year for 2019. Good luck everyone.

  47. Lori Montcalm says:

    Thank you for including the link to Pantone.
    The array of colours is almost baffling! Glorious yet overwhelming. Confusing in the variations of the colour ‘coral’ , or any colour for that matter!
    The colour graph is really helpful.
    Thank you!
    Happy beading everyone!

  48. Cheryl says:

    I have been waiting for this blog since the Rivoli bead was shown. Love the colour combos!

  49. Rosemary says:

    Thank you for using living coral as the color of the year! It is one of my favorites and have worn this coral color for years.

    Enjoyed seeing all of the color information along with the products you carry! Great job!

  50. Pilar says:

    I love the coral colors/beads listed in honor of the 2019 Pantone color of the year!!

  51. beverlyw5249 says:

    I love the coral colors and this blog helps us with handy information

  52. jschmi2 says:

    I have followed Pantone’s color of the year for a long time. I think Living Coral is one of the best (although I was partial to Radiant Orchid)! I think knowing color trends is very important to beaders so that we can make pieces that will complement the fashions of that season or year. I loved your blog, Mikahla, and your use of examples of the many colors mentioned.

  53. Karen Ward says:

    I LOVE all these color groupings and the coral is amazing! I had coral roses for my wedding bouquet and the Pantone Living Coral shade is spot on. I don’t normally find enough beads in this beautiful color so this is so helpful. Thanks for doing this!

  54. Carolyn Brown says:

    I love color, and your choices are absolutely beautiful. I have to place another order now.

  55. Tami says:

    The pink coral is my favorite, I enjoy all the information you provide and seeing how colors can be used together

  56. Cheryl Sherry says:

    Love the color of coral. It’s a very rich and natural color. I find it a very versatile color as there are so many colors that can go with coral. The beads in the giveaway are so pretty.

  57. Lynda says:

    I’m absolutely obsessed with this color!! Thanks for the information and products suggestions!!

  58. barlazyr says:

    I have never been an orange color lover. But my Step-Daughter loves Coral. So seeing really good color combinations that work with it is invaluable to me!
    Thank you!

  59. DenaJ says:

    Coral is one of my favorite colors. It goes well with many other colors too.

  60. barlazyr says:

    I have never been an orange color lover. But my Step-Daughter loves Coral. So seeing really good color combinations that work with it is invaluable to me!
    Thank you!

  61. barlazyr says:

    Coral is my Step-Daughter’s favorite color. I however have struggled finding color combos that work well with it. The color combo of pink, green ( both bright & deep green) I know work but the others surprised me. Thanks for opening new color ways for me to use for her!

  62. Lynn says:

    I love coral. The Barrier Reef and Deep Lake are so pretty too. Great post.

  63. Coral and rose peach are my favorite colors. I tend to over do them and I have been told step back from them. Now I have perfect excuse to load up on my favorites! Thanks Mikahla for explaining this year’s Pantone color with all the options that go with it!

  64. amandaminkc says:

    Love it. So many possible color combinations you could use it with!!!😍😍😍😍

  65. Linda Fyfe says:

    I’ve never thought much of coral as a colour, but now I love it. It’s so helpful to get ideas for other colours to pair it with. I love this blog – so useful.

  66. Amy Lehman says:

    This coral is one of my favorite colors. It is so beautiful! Love all the tips about coordinating colors!

  67. Diane M Gooding says:

    Coral shades are one of my favorites for spring. And I always find it helpful knowing what other colors would look great with it

    1. I love the Living Coral, coral has always been one of my favs. I also like the color palettes it saves me time from having to search for just the right combos.

  68. Tina B says:

    Love the coral colours! So glad to see this colour in so many different bead types! πŸ™‚

  69. This is truly awesome!

  70. Elaine Breton says:

    I love the Coral colour ! My Mother loved it so much we had the house sided with coral aluminium siding, painted the cabin coral and had a coral and grey Ford !

  71. Deniece says:

    I love coral with turquoise together. Don’t understand how pantone picks colors, maybe you might do a video helping noobs with understanding pantone and creating colorways.

  72. Diana Thomas says:

    This color has been a favorite of mine for some time. I always struggle with color, it is really not my strong point so this blog will be really helpful. I’m sure I will refer to it often. Thanks.

  73. Gail Davis Schlazer says:

    This is a fabulous color and I think everyone looks good in it. I can’t wait to use it in future projects

  74. Robyn E says:

    Coral is one of my favorite colors. When I start a project, the hardest part, for me, is putting together the color palette. The different palettes on the blog is most helpful. I did not realize so many different shades were complimentary. Thanks!

  75. Meryl Dessen says:

    Thanks for offering alternatives. Although I appreciate the range of tones coral ios not my fave. Prefer pinks & reds to the orange hues

  76. Ketta Peters says:

    While I’ve never really loved the color of coral, I do like it as an eyecatching highlight, and I’m totally loving the various palettes you posted to harmonize with 2019’s Living Coral.

  77. Mara D Magdalany says:

    Love the color.

  78. viv658 says:

    I love this color! Hoping it looks as good on me now that my hair is white, as it did when my hair was auburn!

  79. KBowser says:

    This colour is a little too orangey for me but I sure do hope to win the prize. Appreciate all the information herein.

  80. Sylvia says:

    Love this color! I especially like it with periwinkle. I recently ordered a bunch of seed beads in various shades of coral/salmon and am looking forward to making something fun for summer!

  81. Jennefer Fortner says:

    I actually really like the color coral. i really liked that you showed colors that match with it. I have a hard time picking colors that look good together.

    1. Glad you found it useful Jennefer! ~M

  82. Kristine says:

    Love all the colors! Those Czech rondelles may have to make it into my cart…

    1. Thanks Kristine!! ❀ ~M

  83. Ella Graff says:

    I love color so this just fits right in. I have several items in these colors, maybe I will just make something for everyone to see.

    1. Can’t wait to see it, Ella!! ~M

  84. Erin Lysak says:

    Amazing colors! I love looking at all you have selected and seeing the different designs. The colors also pop out and when you add them with mixes and blends it makes we want to bead!

    1. Sally Thibodeaux says:

      Love the new blog. I always feel color challenged, so this is wonderful for inspiration. Seeing the different color combos and suggestions starts the wheels turning in my head. And I learned something about Pantone! Thank you.

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