May 2020 Beading Challenge: ADVANCED GEOMETRY!

UPDATE: We have a Winner! Shirley M. entered several projects she made on theme. Here they are below:

We had so many beautiful entries by our participants including some very cool, innovative and stunning interpretations of the challenge! Here are a few of our favorite submissions (to see all the beautiful submissions we received, head on over to Facebook and check out our Facebook Group, The Beader’s Nook!):

Do you feel like you need a little creative push? Are you looking for some inspiration to think (or, BEAD) outside of your comfort zone? Want to bead outside your box and possibly win a prize at the same time? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

It’s been some time since we’ve done a fun beading challenge so we’re excited to present The EUREKA Crystal Beads Beading Challenge for May 2020: ADVANCED GEOMETRY!

The theme of this challenge is pretty simple: we’re looking for anything with a geometric pattern. Show off those bead counting skills to make your beautiful geometric designs. We’re talking chevrons, triangles, zigzags, squares, diamonds, even rhombuses!

* * * For GENERAL PARTICIPATION GUIDELINES, scroll to the bottom! * * *

HOW does this all work? Every so often there will be a theme to follow. Examples of themes could be to feature a color or color palette, to show off a specific product, to work within a technique, or take inspiration from a fashion movement or decade! We welcome beaders to submit creations of their own design, or ones that followed a pattern or video tutorial. Just make sure that you credit the designer (if the designer isn’t you).

Fringe earrings with color stripes are a visually striking project that are relatively easy to make and oh so trendy!



What is the DEADLINE for submissions? The deadline for submissions is the last calendar day of the month – easy peasy!

How do I SUBMIT my entry? There are two steps to complete. ***NOTE: you MUST complete both steps to be considered for the PRIZE 🤩.

FIRST, you’ll need to be a member of our online Facebook group: The Beader’s Nook at Eureka Crystal Beads. JOIN HERE, it’s free and fun! At any time during the month you can post your submission in the group to show it off and say a little something about it! ***NOTE: You’ll have to use the hashtag “#NOOK520” (which should turn into a blue link after you type it) in your post so we can collect all the submissions at the end of the month. (In case you’re wondering: “520” = May 2020) 

>>> Learn more about The Beader’s Nook HERE!

SECOND, to confirm your entry, you will go HERE and enter via the widget. We use this program to choose the winner completely at random!

PRIZES, you say? Yes, that’s right! We’ll select (1) participant at random to win a fun beady prize. There is no purchase required for entry. Our goal for these challenges is to be low-stress way for you to challenge and push yourself, but not to be in competition with your peers. Let’s all have some fun!

Can I submit MORE THAN ONE entry? Absolutely! Who are we to stifle your creativity!! BUT, it should be noted that additional entries will not gain you advantage in winning the random month-end prize.

Use StormDuos in this ribbon bracelet design to create a visually arresting zigzag pattern!

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  1. Sheila Carroll says:

    Sounds exciting! I look forward to seeing all the beautiful creations.

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