What’s New At Eureka?

Hi there beady friends! Here’s an update on all the new stuff we now carry at Eureka Crystal Beads.com as well as a sneak peek at what’s coming soon!

Bugle Beads

Added in early 2020, Miyuki Bugle beads are one of our best selling items with new colors being added frequently!

We now offer Miyuki brand Bugle Beads in 3mm and 6mm lengths. These gorgeous beads are reminiscent of sprinkles!

Traditional Bugle beads are a slender, cylindrical cane of glass popularly known for their use in bead embroidery and detailing on evening bags and dresses. Bugles are proportionally longer than they are thick.

The shortest Miyuki bugle bead is the 3mm which measures 1.5mm wide x 3mm long. Their hole size is .7mm which allows the needle and thread to pass through the bugle bead multiple times. There are approximately 83 beads per gram and 8 per inch. The 6mm Bugles measure 1.5mm x 6mm with a hole size of .8mm. These beads have a smooth cylindrical surface and precisely cut edges. They are the same width as Miyuki 3mm Bugle beads but twice the length. There are approximately 38 6mm Bugles per gram and four beads per inch.

Bugle beads come in many beautiful colors and finishes.

Production of Bugle beads dates back to the 1860s when they were primarily used in the fashion industry for garments and accessories. The use of Bugle beads can be traced back to ancient Egypt. The 3mm Bugle beads are ideal for use in bead embroidery, ladder stitch, and bead weaving. The height and shape of the 3mm Bugles provide structural support for beaded designs and lend themselves to netted beadwork and fringe.

Bugles are often used in techniques such as beaded fringe, Russian spiral and right-angle weave. Using 3mm Bugles with Russian spiral stitch will add dimension and a defined edge to this sophisticated technique. They can be stitched flat or on end with a 11/0 glass seed bead on a garment or dress to create a bold statement.

When stitched into a mosaic, multiple colors of Bugles can be arranged in a staggered pattern to create a gradual flow of color. Combine bugle beads with other seed beads in a dangle earring or in the fringe of a pendant to create length and movement.

Tila Beads

Beautiful colors and finishes in Miyuki Tila beads now available at Eureka!

Miyuki Tila Beads are flat, two-holed glass squares. One side of the Tila is slightly domed, while the opposite side is flat. They measure 5mm x 5mm x 1.9mm with .8mm parallel holes, making them the largest of the three sizes of Tila beads. Tila beads have a uniform shape which helps them stack up into layers or rows. Combine Tila beads with other seed beads to create an array of designs and patterns.

Using a variety of stitching techniques Tila beads can create intricate tile patterns and geometric designs. Their two-holed structure makes the Tila Bead ideal for connecting multiple strands in a stringing project. Tila beads are also wonderful additions to leather-wrap bracelet projects. The large size and surface area of the Tila bead makes it especially comfortable to wear, with a smooth and luxurious feel on the wrist. The uniquely large surface area of the Tila bead showcases the variety of colors and finishes like no other bead.

Half Tila & Quarter Tila Beads

Miyuki Half Tila Beads

The Miyuki Half Tila is a flat, two hole glass bead with a rectangular shape. These popular beads are half the width of Miyuki’s original Tila. One side of the Half Tila is slightly domed, while the opposite side is flat. Half Tila beads measure 5mm x 2.3mm x 1.9mm with a .8mm hole. Combine Half Tila beads with other seed beads to create an array of shapes, patterns and colors.

The unique shape and parallel holes of the Half Tila provide creative flexibility in stringing projects. In more elaborate designs they enhance sculptural stitching and geometric patterns. Half Tila beads can be an unexpected element in creating a bezel, lattice work, or a loom woven piece. They are well-suited for creating layers in bead embroidery and giving beadwork structural depth.

Half Tila beads can be used for increasing and decreasing when combined with Tila and Quarter Tila beads. The brick like shape makes them a perfect component for creating offset patterns. Half Tila beads are also a great choice for leather wrap bracelets or for connecting multiple strands.

Quarter Tila beads, which are a quarter the size of a full Tila Bead

The smallest of the Miyuki Tila beads is the Quarter Tila. Their size and shape make them a perfect choice for creating layers of color and intricate patterns in your designs. Quarter Tilas are thin slices of glass with 2 parallel holes running through them like a spacer bar. Their shape allows them to line up with one another like tiles, which lends a beautiful geometric component to any bead project. The Quarter Tila beads are made precisely to be uniform in size and shape. There are approximately 48 beads per gram and 20 beads per inch.

Quarter Tila beads measure 5mm x 1.2mm x 1.9mm with a .8mm hole. The generous hole size allows thread to pass through them multiple times. Quarter Tilas are a quarter of the width of a Tila and half the width of a Half Tila. They can be used alone or in combination with other shapes and sizes.

Half Tila Beads in a herringbone pattern.

Alternating colors and color gradations can add interesting design elements to your project. Use these beads to add multiple hues to your flat and woven pieces. Quarter Tila beads can be used to build 3-dimensional elements in your work. Quarter Tilas also stitch nicely in the round to create a flower, wheel or fan motif. This can be done by alternating them with 15/0 Japanese seed beads.

Use Tilas, Half Tilas and Quarter Tilas to make this striking modern wrap bracelet.

Offset the beads to create a texture that resembles a brick wall or basket weave. String Quarter Tila tile beads with a glossy or frosted rainbow finish to create a mosaic of flowing color. The beads will stack together in a serpentine design. Using Quarter Tilas, stitch through opposite ends of the two-hole bead with a needle and thread to create a spaced out, geometric design for a pendant or earring.

New Varieties of Cymbals Elements

The Cymbals Piperi III bead endings are perfectly designed to seamlessly fit in with Tila Beads.

Cymbal™ is a unique, imaginative, and groundbreaking metal component line that has been designed to fit and integrate with the most popular bead shapes in the market including Czech GemDuo™, SuperDuo®, Silky Bead®, and Honeycomb Bead® as well as Miyuki Tilas, 11/0 Delica & Round, and 8/0 Round seed beads.

Cymbal™ Metal Fashion Elements™ can have different functions.

BEAD ENDINGS™ serve as clasps or endings to attach clasps. They are shaped and spaced to the specifications of a specific bead.

Cymbals are available in Antique Silver, 24k Gold, uber trendy Rose Gold and sophisticated Antique Brass finishes.

SIDE BEADS™ give metal definition to the edge of a bead bracelet, bead cluster, or bead project.

BEAD SUBSTITUTES™ are metal components created in the shape of a specific bead to act as a bead replacement. They can be worked into a project just like the bead itself and will create shine, glitter and pop wherever they are used.

CONNECTORS can serve as links and extensions to your project. They add metal definition and create a mixed media effect.

Experienced bead workers will have a fun and exciting time discovering new ways to use Cymbal™ elements.


Vexolo Beads

V shaped Vexolo Beads are an exciting new shape coming to Eureka soon!

Made by the same manufacturer as the blockbuster ZoliDuo beads, the new Vexolo shape is a two hole V-shaped Czech glass bead which is flat on one side with a slightly tapered top. This unique shape allows for beautiful circle, half-circle and fan shaped designs as well as zig-zags. Due to its flat bottom, it is very comfortable to wear on the wrist or neck and also well suited to bead embroidery. Who is excited about giving these beads a try once they arrive at Eureka?

WibeDuo Beads

The unique shape of the WibeDuo beads is reminiscent of a four pointed star.

Made by the same manufacturer as the Vexolo beads, the two hole WibeDuo beads are shaped like a four pointed star. They are flat on one side and domed on the other. Since both the Vexolo and WibeDuos are made by the same manufacturer, they come in the same colors and finishes, making mixing and matching a snap. Anyone interested in giving the WibeDuos a try?

Tell Us What YOU Want to See

We are here for YOU

Is there something you’d love for us to carry? Are we missing some essential product which would make your life so much easier? Tell us in the comments! We want to know what you’d like to see us stock in our shop.

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  1. So glad you’re going to be carrying vexolos and wibe duos! They are such fun shapes! Also glad that Orchid and Opal has done some recent bugle bead tutorials! I have some many japanese bugle beads in my stash that I haven’t used for years because they tend to be such a pain to design with and having to take care with sharp edges. This gives me a chance to bust them out and use them again!

    1. Bo from Eureka Crystal Beads says:

      Yes! That means time for some fun jewelry-making 😍 So many new & exciting things coming! 💖💖

  2. I’m in the process of moving too and can’t wait to get my shelves up and beads back into creating! Good Luck on your move and will see each other soon!

    1. Bo from Eureka Crystal Beads says:

      Thank you Virginia! Goodluck with your move as well 💖

  3. Brenda Saint-Hilaire says:

    Love your selection and the collections 🥰! They are incredible! I would also love you to see carrying delicas beads #15, so pretty

    1. Bo from Eureka Crystal Beads says:

      Thank you we really appreciate it! 🥰💖 Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Vanessa Braddy says:

    Love the different shaped beads; especially the tilas in all sizes!!

    1. Bo from Eureka Crystal Beads says:

      We love them too! So many to choose from 🌈💖

  5. I love the half tila bracelets. Plus it would really be nice to win the drawing since my birthday is Aug.6

    1. Oh yay happy early birthday! 💖

  6. Verna Jespersen says:

    Love your video tutorials and all your lovely beads! Best wishes on your move!

    1. Thanks so much Verna! We’re gearing up to start packing this week 🙈🤞

  7. Julie Fiedler says:

    I love all the beads you carry. Such a great selection

    1. Thanks so much Julie! 💗

  8. Billie Harvey says:

    my absolute favorite place to order beads!

    1. Thank you Billie! 💖

  9. Peggy Wilcox says:

    I’m intrigued with the Quarter Tila! Almost like a combo of a bugle and tila. I can see more intricate patterns with these. OOH LA LA!

    1. Yes! And we just got even more colors now available so you can really get creative! 💕

  10. Kathy Thornton says:

    This is a very nice site, thank you

  11. I would like to see more videos with threader earrings.
    I’m new at beading but all of the videos are very helpful.
    I love Eureka beads!

    1. Thanks Valerie! Noted! 😁

  12. Jose says:

    I would love to see bigger gram size packs of beads for when you need more then 20 grams

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Jose! We may be able to bring back a limited selection of larger packs. What colors/sizes do you use most?

  13. Gina Stroupe says:

    I love the collections you have. I hope you keep doing them. I like being able to order a collection because all the items complement each other and it’s easier to imagine them in a project.

  14. Paula says:

    The herringbone bracelet is fun. Very addictive

    1. Nice to hear Paula! Thanks for visiting!

  15. I am so excited about the new bead shapes! Love ECB and The Collections! Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks so much! We will have the new shapes available this week! 💕

  16. wendystone589 says:

    Great blog! Very informative.

    1. Thanks so much Wendy!

  17. Linda G says:

    Fun New shapes beads!! Good ideas for using bugle beads

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  18. Danielle Misin says:

    I’m so excited! For some reason I had never purchased bugle or Tila beads before. I just received the first of 2 orders I placed. I have been inspired by some beautiful pieces by Gina at Orchid and Opal, and Stephanie at Bronzepony. Can’t wait to start playing with these “new” beads!

    1. Oh yay you are going to love it! So many fun ways to use them!

  19. jjames930 says:

    Love tilas with leather. Want to use bugles in a bracelet.

    1. We have a few projects by Gina from Orchid and Opal using bugles in bracelets that are really fun! Check out our video tutorial page: https://www.eurekacrystalbeads.com/eureka-crystal-beads-video-tutorials/ and we expect to have a tila wrap bracelet tutorial soon! 💗

  20. Melissa Blake says:

    You already sell everything I use for my jewelry crafts. I love your items and tutorials.

    1. Thanks Melissa! So glad to hear that! 💖

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  22. Donna Petruccelli says:

    I have purchased every collection and as a new beader I have built up a considerable amount of jewelry and a stash of unique items thanks to your creatively sculpted collections.
    Looking forward to August collection!

    1. Thanks so much Donna! The collections are really great to get a taste of everything so you can play with so many bead styles and shapes! Glad you’re enjoying them! 💕

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    Can’t wait for the new collection! I’m still learning about all these different types of beads.

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    1. Yes! You can just dive right in. We love the 27mm stones – so much sparkle! ✨

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      We love & appreciate our ECB customers! Thank you for ordering Raj ✨

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    I am so happy that I have found you when I did. My local bead shop has not made it through the pandemic unfortunately and I was worried about where I was going to get supplies. I love your website, you have had everything I have needed and then some. Your tutorials have helped me to use some of the new bead types. The collections, which were my introduction to you, have given me such inspiration. I love them!

    1. bozenalojek says:

      We are sorry to hear that April but glad that you were able to find us so that you can keep doing what you love! ✨

  35. spiritwind10 says:

    I love all the new beads and will over time love creating with them. Thank you for sharing them and their uses

  36. spiritwind10 says:

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      Thank you! We really appreciate it 💖

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    I am so very glad that I found your store online. I love the things you carry, & am really looking forward to the new items coming in. Your prices are super reasonable, and the ideas for projects are inspiring! I especially love all the different colors you carry!

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  38. Madison M says:

    What great additions to an already excellent selection! I’m always excited to play with new shapes of multi-hole beads – the vexolos and wibeduos will be a lot of fun. As far as other shapes, I’d love to be able to order ginko beads from Eureka, too.

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    Keep up the good work, Ive got to start doing more beading than shoppig, and that’s mostly your fault, LOL.

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  44. Kathy L Ostrum says:

    I enjoyed this blog and look forward to reading more blogs in the future. As a novice beader the information that is given in the blog helps me understand the use of items that I have not used yet. I like the new beads that previewed especially the Duo bead that looks like a 4 point star!

    1. Thanks Kathy! Welcome to the wonderful world of beading and I’m glad the information is helpful 💕

  45. Chris Casper says:

    I didn’t realize you had so much presence on the web. Wonderful.

    1. Thanks Chris! We try to be easily accessible 💕

  46. AllaneWood says:

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  47. VICKIE says:

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    I absolutely love the tila beads and look forward to many more tutorials. I am about to order some large crystals to make the pendant from your most recent YouTube tutorial. It’s a beauty!

    1. Thank you so much! We will def have more Tila, Half Tila and Quarter Tila videos coming soon!

  49. kimmcc911 says:

    You have very inspiring patterns and I love your products.. Plus the YouTube videos!

  50. Tina Bell says:

    Beautiful beads as always! I love that your YouTube video tutorials give everyone so much detail and ideas for using beads of all shapes and sizes. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Tina 💕 We just love beads and beading so much and want to show off all the wonderful things you can do. It’s so much fun!

  51. Phyllis says:

    I love the cymbals! They are so unique!

    1. I know, right? There is something really classic about them I guess since they are designed in Greece, there is a lot of inspiration there!

  52. Deborah Perez says:

    Love your new additions. I’m intrigued to try to work with half tilas and quarter tilas, especially with the new cymbal findings…

    1. Thanks Deborah! Yeah they are very fun and versatile. We can’t wait to see what kinds of creative ideas everyone comes up with!

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    1. Hi Stacy, thanks for the suggestion! We are adding some large hole metal beads here and there but we will keep that in mind! 💖

  55. Karen says:

    That’s a curious fact about bugle beads being used by ancient egyptian ancestors… I wonder what it meant to them, was it more than something pleasant to the eye for them?

    1. I guess we’ll never know. But it is interesting, isn’t it? 💕

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    1. Hi Michelle! We’ve got a few tutorials using the Tila beads. Check out our videos here: https://www.eurekacrystalbeads.com/eureka-crystal-beads-video-tutorials/

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    1. Thanks Lori! We have new colors of Half Tilas and Quarter Tilas coming soon! 💕

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    i am new to the list, hope to learn all these wonderful tricks of the trade. love trying new styles and stitches. cant wait to see all the new items you put out.

    1. Welcome Bonnie! Glad to have you 💖

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    love tilas

    1. They’re so great, right? 😍

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    1. Thanks for the tip, April! We’ll def look into it 💕

  64. jschmi2 says:

    I want to get some wine duo beads. They look like a lot of fun!

    1. Yeah I think they will be something really fun to play with!

  65. Susan McCarron says:

    Definitely want to check out the tutorials, especially the Modern Wrap bracelet using the Tila, Half Tila, and Quarter Tila beads.

    1. We’re working on the tutorial as we speak! 💖 Hope to be able to post it soon!

  66. Melanie Robertson says:

    This is by far my favorite site and I visit daily! I don’t think much is lacking at all!! I love the monthly color collections, however due to my limited experience I don’t always know how to best use everything it entails. But you guys always have a video or two for inspiration. I love your color mixes in the crystals and would love to see some more of those and keeping them stocked. The 4mm bicones are my fav and I would love even more color mixes to chose from! You guys are the best! Thanks for supplying all my beading needs 😊

    1. Thanks Melanie! 💕 Our next big project is going to be to work on the color mixes. Sometimes we can’t get one of the colors so the whole mix remains out of stock but we’re going to get the mixes in order…eventually 😂

  67. Shaunar says:

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    1. Thanks Shaunar! We’ll keep that in mind 💖

  68. Maureen Glaeser says:

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  69. Chérie K Marr says:

    I LOVE rivoli’s! I have been making jewelry for several years but am new to this style of beading. I came across Bronzepony on YouTube and she mentioned your website. I viewed your website and was hooked! After placing a few orders, I must say I am beyond thrilled with your service! I will remain a loyal customer! Now, back to the rivoli’s…. I would love to see more tutorials featuring various sizes of rivoli’s being used in earrings, bracelets, whatever. Being new, your tutorials have made beading stress-free, fun, and easy! The pieces I have made using your tutorial videos make me feel like a pro. I cannot thank you enough, Eureka! This style of jewelry making is something I wanted to do 25 years ago but didn’t have the resources then to start. Now I have found you, I have a new hobby and am loving it!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ❤️

    1. That is so fantastic to hear Cherie! 💕 We are working on lots of new projects using rivolis, fancy stones and chatons so stay tuned!

  70. Cathy Lahammer Kaderabek says:

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    1. Thanks Kathi! We are always adding more options like crystal mixes. Do you have a specific color you’d like to see us carry?

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    1. Thanks so much Theresa! Glad you enjoyed it. We hope it’s not only convenient but inspirational too!

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    1. We will def have some more fun projects coming soon with Tilas, Quarter Tilas and Half Tilas soon 💖

  75. Jennefer Fortner says:

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    1. It’s such an interesting shape, right? We can’t wait to see how y’all use it in designs!

    2. Sondry Behn says:

      I got my second collections. I love the designs that Gina from Opal & Orchid comes up with using your collections. Great tutorials!

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    I love your selection. If I were adding things, I would love to see more larger sized Czech glass shank buttons, Cymbal Ginko bead substitutes, and some Matubo seed beads in 8/0 and larger sizes. Thank you for asking.

    1. Thanks for the tips Liz! 💖

  77. Ameka says:

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    1. Hi Ameka, thanks for your comment! What kinds of clasps would you like to see more of?

  78. Caitlyn says:

    I found Eureka through Gina at Orchid and Opal, and finally ordered my first collection. Wish I would’ve done it sooner! I know you are just getting into carrying tila and bugle beads, but more of a color selection is what I’d like to see, but I know it is down the road.

    1. Thanks Caitlyn! We love Gina’s designs, she’s great 💖 Check out our latest arrivals in Tila colors – we *just* added them to our website TODAY 👉 https://www.eurekacrystalbeads.com/miyuki-tila-beads/?sort=newest

      We expect to get more colors in Half and Quarter Tilas by the end of the month so stay tuned!

  79. Pam says:

    All these beads are so much fun! I can’t think of anything your store is missing. You have everything a beader could use. I love using charms, so new charms are always interesting.

    1. Thanks Pam! We love charms too so we’ll be adding more in the future 💖

  80. Suzanne R. says:

    My very first beading project involved tila beads, so they are near and dear to my heart! I’ve not used bugle beads very often, so I’m excited to explore creating with them. Your colors are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Suzanne! Isn’t it funny how a specific shape can provide so many nice memories? We love it! 💖

  81. falklandemma says:

    Thank you for the size information that is really useful.

  82. Sharon Rolfes says:

    I really like the WibeDuos. It seems like you can do a lot with them.

    1. Oh yes they look super fun – we can’t wait until they come in so we can play with them! 💖

  83. SueB says:

    I couldn’t imagine needing anything more than the expansive selection of beads already available, but then you add vexolo and quarter tilas!!! Love everything!

    1. Thanks so much Sue! 💖

  84. Deborah Anderson-Clarke says:

    Can’t wait to try the WibeDuo Beads! There are so many ideas popping up as soon as I saw the sample.

    1. Oh fun! We expect to have them all stocked on the shelves and ready for purchase by early August 💖 Stay tuned!

  85. Patty Scott says:

    Love all the new beads that will be coming soon. So exciting.

    1. It’s an exciting time in our warehouse! 💖

  86. Tammi says:

    Just created a pretty bracelet with Tilas, bugles, and superduos. Love the finished look. Looking forward to trying the WibeDuos. They look so interesting and fun to play with! (The tilas and and bugles were from Eureka Crystal collections!).

    1. That’s awesome! Isn’t it handy to have a bunch of color coordinated shapes to play with? We love being able to provide that!

  87. Peggy Wagner says:

    I have recently discovered jewelry making. Looking forward to receiving my order so I can attempt the Half Nexus Bracelet!

    1. You can do it Peggy! Beading is such a rewarding hobby, you’re going to love it 💖

  88. Victoria P O'Neill says:

    Those Vexolo beads have really caught my eye! I’ve just gotten into bead weaving and all the different shapes are amazing.

    1. They are REALLY cool. You can make fans, swirls, half circles, full circles – it’s a lot of fun. We can’t wait to see what everyone does with them!

  89. Love that you are carrying Tilas now. Wish you still carried factory packs in Swarovski though!

    1. Thank you! We had to make a few changes to make room for new beads and unfortunately the factory packs weren’t popular so they got the boot. We hope to be able to bring them back sometime soon – once we get a bigger warehouse 😂

  90. Abby Normal says:

    Just received a stunning assortment of half tilas plus many items from this month’s Serene Lavender collection today 🙂 Especially love the Eureka Collections and the selection of Swarovski chatons, rivolis & cushion stones (plus settings). I would like to see Eureka add some oval fancy stones and settings in a range of sizes from 6x4mm to the 25mm 🙂

    1. Thanks Abby! So happy to hear that you loved your collection. 💖 Stay tuned for the oval fancy stones – we expect to be able to offer some of these in the next few months!

  91. Hanna Margret Kristleifsdottir. says:

    Looking forward to make jewelry with the Tila beads.

  92. linda fyfe says:

    I’m so glad you are carrying the quarter Tila beads – they are so difficult to find elsewhere.

    1. Thanks Linda! We actually just ordered new colors in the Quarter Tilas so expect them to pop up on our website within a week or two 💖

  93. janet l whalen says:

    I love your collections, but I also love shopping the website for unique and delightful beads and findings. The Cymbal findings for multi-holed beads are incredible!

    1. Thank you Janet! Yes we LOVE the Cymbals, such high quality and innovative design 💖

  94. natasha Oliphant says:

    I would love to see 12mm bugle beads. And 12mm twisted bugle beads.

    1. Thanks Natasha! Noted! 💖

  95. Alba López-Marra says:

    I need the wrap bracelet with tilas in my life!! interested in the designs coming up with the wibeduo beads too!!!

    1. Thanks Alba! It’s such a fun and easy project and we’re getting more leather cord in different colors soon so stay tuned for that! 💖

  96. Nancy Neufeld says:

    I love this article on bugles!

    1. Thanks Nancy! Glad it was helpful 💖

  97. Meredith says:

    Those Vexolo beads look cool! I love the tiny Tila beads too, that purple color in the pic in this article is awesome!! The one thing I wish you guys still carried is Amethyst Opal Moondust Firepolish! That was my most favorite color and Im so sad its gone!

    1. I know Meredith, we were sad to find out they aren’t producing it anymore 😥 BUT we just got in so many beautiful new Firepolish (will be up online by then end of the month), maybe you’ll find a new favorite? That Tila color is Amethyst Gold Luster 💖 It’s really beautiful!

  98. Jessica Lawson-Rulli says:

    The vexolo beads look really interesting. I have some tila, half tila and quarter tila beads from y’all that I really need to use soon so I’ve been looking for tutorials and patterns.

    1. Hi Jessica! We have some really fun projects coming soon with Half-Tilas and another one using a combo of Tilas and Quarter Tilas. Make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss it! 💖

  99. Jen says:

    Those blue green bugle beads in the first picture are amazing! Where can I find those on your site?

  100. Alisha says:

    All these beads are so interesting! It almost makes me want to learn how to do bead weaving, but I have to limit myself to one type of bead addiction at a time! I’ll admire them from afar until I find a way to easily merge them with bead stringing and/or wire wrapping pieces. I love watching Orchid and Opal jewelry on youtube when she unboxes the new Eureka Crystal Beads collection every month!

    1. Thanks Alisha! Yeah Gina does such a good job showing off the beads and also doing projects with them. We’ll have some simple stringing projects coming soon!

  101. I’m excited to try making the half Tila herringbone bracelet! The supplies arrived the other day. My first bead weaving project. 🙌

    1. Oh yay! Def share your progress with us in the Beader’s Nook! 💖

  102. Marsha Nakatani says:

    I am most intrigued with the soon to arrive Vexolo Beads! Yay!

    1. Yes they are very interesting and useful shapes! We’re only a few weeks away – stay tuned! 💖

  103. I Love all the wonderful beads you have!

  104. Mandy says:

    Love love LOVE this website for ALL of my beading needs!!

    1. Thanks so much Mandy! 💖

  105. S Mocogni says:

    Love all the bugle bead bracelets! Are there any earring patterns?

    1. Great idea! There are def a lot of great earring patterns but we’ll work on getting a project together for y’all soon! 💖

  106. Becky A says:

    Where’s Leah?? Miss her tutorials.

    1. Hi Becky! Our most recent tutorial posted July 10th was a stitch tutorial by Leah. Just because we have a couple other people doing tutorials doesn’t mean Leah is gone!

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