Discontinued Swarovski 2020 Part 1: Bicones

Hello friends! As promised, we are working hard to find out as many details as we can about what is happening with Swarovski. We all know there will be big changes but what those changes will be exactly is still a bit of a mystery. Rumors are flying that Swarovski will abandon the DIY market and focus only on high end fashion designers, ceasing production of loose crystals and beads. As much of these details are leaking out via unofficial channels at the same time as there is a well publicized power struggle within the business and unprecedented layoffs in Wattens, Austria, we are all on pins and needles waiting to hear official word about the future of our favorite rivolis, chatons, bicones and pearls.

What we can tell you is that we have been provided with a list of bicones that are to be discontinued next year. This in itself is nothing unusual, Swarovski releases lists of items that they will no longer produce yearly however this year the list is longer than usual. All of the bicones listed below will no longer be produced after March 31st 2021. Prior to this cutoff, we can still get in orders for these colors so if there is something here that you just cannot live without, make sure you stock up! If we don’t have the quantities you are looking for available on our website, send us a message at service@eurekacrystalbeads.com 😍

3mm Air Blue Opal Bicones
3mm Emerald AB
3mm Indian Sapphire Bicones
3mm Crystal Metallic Light Gold 2x Bicones
3mm Turquoise AB2X Bicones
4mm Capri Blue AB2X Bicones
3mm Crystal AB Satin Bicones
3mm Erinite Shimmer 2x Bicones
3mm Indicolite
3mm Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer 2xl Bicones
3mm Lt. Grey Opal Bicones
4mm Chrysolite AB2X Bicones
3mm Crystal Bronze Shade Bicones
3mm Fuchsia AB
3mm Light Amethyst AB Bicones
3mm Olivine
4mm Aquamarine AB2X Bicones
4mm Crystal Lilac Shadow Bicones
3mm Crystal Metallic Blue 2x
3mm Graphite
3mm Majestic Blue AB2X Bicones
3mm Scarlet AB
4mm Blue Zircon AB2X
4mm Crystal Luminous Green Bicones
6mm Crystal Lilac Shadow Bicones
6mm Light Silk Bicones
6mm Crystal Luminous Green Bicones
6mm Graphite Bicones
6mm Crystal Metallic Blue 2x Bicones
6mm Indicolite Bicones
6mm Crystal Rainbow Dark 2x Bicones
6mm Jonquil Bicones

Whew! It’s a lot to process so take your time and go through the list and if you ABSOLUTELY must have a stash of any of these beads grab them now before it’s too late! As always, shop at Eureka Crystal Beads for our wide and varied supply and we’re always adding new products!

Stay tuned for our next installment about discontinued Swarovski pearls, coming soon!

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