Discontinued Swarovski 2020 Part 2: Swarovski Crystal Pearls and Round Crystal Beads

As you know from our previous entry, Swarovski has announced a long list of discontinued items that will no longer be produced in 2021. Make sure to visit us at Eureka Crystal Beads to see what Swarovski we have still in stock and grab what you need asap! We previously catalogued all the bicones on the chopping block and as promised below is the list of Swarovski Crystal Pearls that are sadly going away:

The Round Swarovski #5000 beads that will be discontinued in 2021 in size 2mm and 6mm:

8mm Round Swarovski #5000 beads that will be discontinued in 2021:

Stay tuned for our next entry which will catalogue all the Swarovski pendants and stones that will be discontinued in 2021. ✨

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  1. Hazel McSweeney says:

    This will be a total stuffup for us. A whole lot of patterns wont work properly and it’ll be esp hard for people who can’t design their own – like me.

    Am seriously thinking of using my next Covid emergency payment to stock up on soon-to-be-discontinued items like pearls, 8mm, 2mm etc.
    In my view cheap Chinese just can’t compare!!

    1. Hi Hazel! I think you are right, there will definitely be other companies that jump into the void but it may take some time for them to get up to speed with production. We are looking to Preciosa in the Czech Republic for stones and bicones in the future plus we have some other things in the works so stay tuned! 😍

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