Discontinued Swarovski 2020 Part 3: Chatons, Rivolis and Cushion Cut Fancy Stones

Welcome to Part 3 of our Swarovski Discontinuations series! As we noted in our previous installments, these are the Swarovski products that Eureka will no longer be able to restock because they will no longer be produced after 2021. You can see the list of Bicones here and the list of Pearls and Round Beads here.

In addition to these upcoming shorter-term changes, Swarovski has also made the decision to limit their access to crystal components over the next few years for beaders, crafters and small scale designers which is quite a sad development. The details of what this means are just coming through and we will keep you all abreast of any developments as we hear them. What we do know is that the following products won’t be available no matter what after mid 2021 and possibly earlier if they sell out so take a gander and stock up on what you need for any half finished projects while you can!

Swarovski Crystal Chatons #1088

8mm Crystal Azure Blue Chatons
8mm Air Blue Opal Chatons
8mm Crystal Buttercup Chatons
8mm Crystal Lilac Chatons
8mm Crystal Line Chatons
8mm Crystal Luminous Green Chatons
8mm Crystal Metallic Blue Chatons
8mm Crystal Ochre Delite Chatons
8mm Crystal Rainbow Dark Chatons
8mm Crystal Indian Sapphire Chatons
8mm Crystal Light Grey Opal Chatons
8mm Crystal Pacific Opal Chatons
8mm Crystal Provence Lavender Chatons
8mm Crystal Scarabaeus Green Chatons

Swarovski Crystal Rivolis #1122

10mm Crystal Luminous Green Rivolis
14mm Crystal Rainbow Dark Rivolis
12mm Crystal White Patina Rivolis
14mm Olivine Crystal Rivolis
12mm Crystal Luminous Green Rivolis
10mm Crystal Scarabaeus Green Rivolis
14mm Crystal White Patina Rivolis
14mm Crystal Luminous Green Rivolis
12mm Crystal Scarabaeus Green Rivolis
10mm Olivine Crystal Rivolis
12mm Crystal Rainbow Dark Rivolis
12mm Silver Patina Rivolis
12mm Olivine Crystal Rivolis

Swarovski Crystal CUSHION CUT RIVOLIS #4470

10mm Crystal Rainbow Dark Rivolis
12mm Crystal Rainbow Dark Rivolis

And there you have it, all the fancy stones that Eureka won’t be able to restock after mid 2021. What do you think about all these new Swarovski developments? Let us know in the comments!


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