Jewelry Design Technique: “Filling the Gaps”

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another helpful Blog brought to you by Eureka Crystal Beads! Today I'm going to discuss a really simple design technique that's great for the beginning beader who might be feeling overwhelmed with what to do with all the fun new beads they have. I call this technique FILLING THE GAPS! I … Continue reading Jewelry Design Technique: “Filling the Gaps”

Bead Soup! What to do?!

I’m guilty. You’re (probably) guilty. But I’m REALLY guilty. I blame my love for beads - my utter infatuation with them. What am I talking about, you ask? BEAD SOUP is what I’m talking about. So inevitably, every single time I finish a beading project I have beads left over. Do I put them back? … Continue reading Bead Soup! What to do?!