Products for Summer Color Inspiration!

Hello Friends! Leah here from Eureka Crystal Beads with another blog for you. As the start of summer officially approaches, weather here in lil' Rhode Island is getting hotter and more humid. School's are getting out and pools are opened, beaches are getting packed and grills are smoking with burgers and hot dogs. Ahhh summer … Continue reading Products for Summer Color Inspiration!

Great Product: Miyuki Slide Tube Bar!

Hi Beaders! Today for my Eureka Crystal Beads blog I wanted to spotlight a great product we've just started to carry: Miyuki Slide Tube Bars! These findings are fantastic for finishing off certain bead stitches where you've used Delicas. Specifically, these findings work best with stitches that have an edge of beads going in a … Continue reading Great Product: Miyuki Slide Tube Bar!


Greetings Readers (and Beaders!), thanks for stopping by to read another blog from Eureka Crystal Beads. Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to the next jewelry artist we’re featuring for my new monthly Artist Spotlight series! Etsy shop owner Michelle Snyder, based out of Utah, opened her online store, >>Poetry in Beads<<, in June of 2015. The … Continue reading JUNE ARTIST SPOTLIGHT

Must Read: Color Coordination Tip!!

Hello Readers (and Beaders!), Leah here from Eureka Crystal Beads with a quick (and hopefully helpful!) blog for you about ... Coordinating Colors!  Many of you have noticed, and seem to have appreciated, Eureka Crystal Beads' new surge in custom mixes! I've had such a blast putting our Coordinated Bead Mixes together (and will continue to … Continue reading Must Read: Color Coordination Tip!!

Spectacular Custom Coatings with Swarovski Elements!

Greetings Beaders! Leah here from Eureka Crystal Beads! I'm blogging today to let you know (if you didn't already) about some of the amazing Custom Coatings that are available on the various Swarovski Elements that we carry! So let's just get right into it! A coating (custom or otherwise) can be applied to part of … Continue reading Spectacular Custom Coatings with Swarovski Elements!


Greetings Beaders, Leah here from Eureka Crystal Beads! I’m excited to bring to you the second installment of 12: Birthstones! At the beginning of each month I’ll bring you a blog that is chock-full of everything you might want to know about that month’s stone. Were you born this month? If so, you might take particular … Continue reading JUNE BIRTHSTONE: THE BEAUTIFUL PEARL!

Leah’s Top-5 Beading Tips!

Hey Friends! Leah here from Eureka Crystal Beads with a Friday edition of my twice-weekly blog! Today's topic is my Top-5 Beading Tips & Recommendations. These tips will cover a variety of jewelry making mediums so not all may apply to you - yet - but read on! 1. Don't invest in junk tools. Jewelry … Continue reading Leah’s Top-5 Beading Tips!