Greetings Readers (and Beaders!), thanks for stopping by to read another blog from Eureka Crystal Beads. Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to the next jewelry artist we’re featuring for my monthly Artist Spotlight series! For the month of July we're featuring Bead Artist Szidonia Petki, who creates her stunning and detailed jewelry and  tutorial patterns … Continue reading JULY ARTIST SPOTLIGHT

The Craze of Multi-Hole Czech Beads!

Hello Beading Friends, welcome back to another blog from Eureka Crystal Beads! Are you new to beading? Have you been around the (beading) block a few times? No matter which category you fall into, there's no doubt in my mind that you've noticed how Czech glass multi-hole beads - are - just - everywhere! These … Continue reading The Craze of Multi-Hole Czech Beads!

Jewelry Design Ideas: Bead Caps!

Greetings Beaders! Leah with Eureka Crystal Beads here with another free jewelry project for you! TWO projects, at that! The first project, a lovely bracelet idea, uses metal bead caps in a more traditional method - capping a bead, in this case, at both ends. The second project utilizes bead caps in a fun and … Continue reading Jewelry Design Ideas: Bead Caps!

Use Color Gradation to Make a Stunning Swarovski Crystal Pearl Necklace!

Happy Summer Beading Friends! Leah here with another project from Eureka Crystal Beads. Today I'm going to lay out 7 lovely colors of Swarovski Crystal Pearls to show you how to use color gradation to make a stunning, yet simple, summer pearl necklace. Materials List: (7) 6mm Swarovski Crystal Pearls - MAUVE (8 each) 6mm … Continue reading Use Color Gradation to Make a Stunning Swarovski Crystal Pearl Necklace!


Greetings Beaders, Leah here from Eureka Crystal Beads! I’m excited to bring to you the third installment of 12: Birthstones! At the beginning of each month I’ll bring you a blog that is chock-full of everything you might want to know about that month’s stone. Were you born this month? If so, you might take particular … Continue reading JULY BIRTHSTONE: THE STUNNING RUBY!

Chain & Crystals!! An Easy Summer Necklace…

Good Afternoon Beadin' folks! Happy to be here with Eureka Crystal Beads for another Project Blog for you! Today I'm going to show you a fun and quick Chain and Crystal Summer Necklace! Here's what you'll need: Chain long enough for your desired finished length. (Keep in mind that the clasp and beads will add a … Continue reading Chain & Crystals!! An Easy Summer Necklace…

Oh-So-Wonderful Peyote Rivoli Bezel!!

Hello Bead-Weavers! Leah here from Eureka Crystal Beads with a very informative blog for you today! Did you see my newest tutorial video (link below!) that was just posted today? (In it I show you a step-by-step method for creating a Peyote stitch beaded bezel for a 12mm Swarovski Crystal rivoli stone using Miyuki Delica … Continue reading Oh-So-Wonderful Peyote Rivoli Bezel!!