Leah’s Holiday Season Palettes!

Hello Beady Friends!! So I must tell you... the holidays we celebrate at this time of year are simply some of my favorite. I'm reminded of family, yummy food, lovely - sometimes dazzling - decorations, and traditions near and dear to my heart. In today's blog, I'm going to provide some holiday-inspired color palettes that … Continue reading Leah’s Holiday Season Palettes!

Charlotte Cut Seed Beads – versatile and popular!

Charlotte cut seed beads, simply known as Charlottes, are seed beads with a single cut facet that catches the light and adds glitter and sparkle. Use Charlottes instead of regular seed beads and you will see an added dimension of shine in all your projects! This Bohemian Southwestern inspired chevron pattern bracelet with orange, gold … Continue reading Charlotte Cut Seed Beads – versatile and popular!