Leah’s Must-Have picks for Every Bead Stash!

Greetings Beaders! Leah here with another blog from Eureka Crystal Beads! About a week and a half ago I wrote a blog for you about some great "splurge" items for your bead box. These were items that, while not necessary, could be fun and helpful additions to your arsenal despite their added expense - hence … Continue reading Leah’s Must-Have picks for Every Bead Stash!

Top Three Ways to Ruin Your Beadwork Sales

We spoke with several expert designers for this week's issue about how to prevent some of the biggest mistakes new beaders make when they are just starting out and working really hard to attract a clientele. Over and over again we heard the same thing, there are three surefire ways to ruin your sales and … Continue reading Top Three Ways to Ruin Your Beadwork Sales

Swarovski Innovations for Spring/Summer 2012

True to form, Swarovski has hit another home run with their latest Crystal Innovations for Spring/Summer 2012. Fabulous new shades with old world elegance speak to a desire for a more simple, less complicated relationship to the modern world and a deeper, more profound connection with nature. The collection is imbued with a romantic aesthetic, … Continue reading Swarovski Innovations for Spring/Summer 2012

A Designer’s Guide to Swarovski Custom Finishes

At Eureka Crystal Beads we carry a large selection of Swarovski crystal custom coatings (also known as after market coatings) on Swarovski crystal beads, rivolis and pendants. These custom finishes are not applied by Swarovski but are instead created by various other companies from whom we source our unbeatable selection. These custom finishes are applied … Continue reading A Designer’s Guide to Swarovski Custom Finishes

Eureka! A Little About Us.

It's been a whirlwind week here at Eureka Crystal Beads.  After creating Facebook and Twitter profiles, a blog seemed like the next logical step. With these few keystrokes, we are now firmly established on the world wide web. It is in this blog that we will explore all of the up-to-the minute trends, latest innovations and creations in … Continue reading Eureka! A Little About Us.