Stunning Swarovski Crystal Colors- a must have in your stash of beads.

Swarovski Crystal beads, pendants and stones are well known for their nonparallel brilliance. Swarovski is the brand name of the best quality crystal available on the market and the tiny gems made of it are the must have components in every bead stash. The most popular shape in a Swarovski crystal line is the BICONE. These … Continue reading Stunning Swarovski Crystal Colors- a must have in your stash of beads.

Why Swarovski Crystal?

We all love Swarovski Components for their precision diamond-like cuts, impeccable sparkle and consistency in color. At Eureka Crystal Beads we carry a huge selection of Swarovski Crystal and are proud to offer the largest selection of custom coated crystal of anyone in the USA. This week all of our Swarovski beads are on sale and we … Continue reading Why Swarovski Crystal?

Swarovski Crystal Pearl Tea Party

Swarovski crystal pearls are the perfect complement to a spring day out. Their beauty and natural feel make them the best choice for all your designs. Read about Swarovski Crystal Pearls here. New pearl color, Iridescent Green is a beautiful shade that brings out gold and yellow tones. Jade pearls, below, are part of the … Continue reading Swarovski Crystal Pearl Tea Party

More Halloween Beading

When it comes to Halloween, there is never enough! Whether you are putting together a fantastic costume or just looking to make some easy themed jewelry, Eureka has all the components you need to unleash your creativity. Everyone knows that orange and black are the theme colors for Halloween, but you can go outside the … Continue reading More Halloween Beading

Exclusive and Unique Swarovski Custom Finishes

Take a look at these new beautiful custom coatings on Swarovski crystal stones and beads available exclusively from Eureka Crystal Beads. Refreshing like its melon namesake, the Honeydew custom finish is eye-catching in its brilliance and a unique finish available exclusively from Eureka. Dark and brilliant like the night sky, the Jet Galaxy custom coating … Continue reading Exclusive and Unique Swarovski Custom Finishes

Magnificence of Crystal Luminous Green

Delicately shifting from a light shimmery green with violet and pink highlights, Crystal Luminous Green is a subtle and beautiful Swarovski finish that works in a variety of contexts. Use it as the main color or in a combination with bolder and brighter colors such as in this Multi Strand Bracelet. Crystal Luminous Green is … Continue reading Magnificence of Crystal Luminous Green