Greetings Beaders, Leah here from Eureka Crystal Beads! I’m excited to bring you the 8th installment of 12: Birthstones! At the beginning of each month I’ll bring you a blog that is chock-full of everything you might want to know about that month’s stone. Were you born this month? If so, you might take particular interest … Continue reading DECEMBER BIRTHSTONE: TURQUOISE!

Project: Netted Beaded Bead!

Hello friends! Today I've got a fun little BEADED BEAD for you to make using a tubular Netting technique! These great little beads can be strung onto Soft Flex beading wire or wrapped onto head pins! You can have fun playing with many different color combinations. Let's get started! **NEWS: Check the Eureka Crystal Beads … Continue reading Project: Netted Beaded Bead!

Deep Summer Color Palettes… Get Inspired!

Hello Friends! Today's blog, brought to you by Eureka Crystal Beads, is about inspiring your bead selection with DEEP SUMMER COLOR PALETTES! While often Summer can make us think of bright fun colors often seen on beach towels (think Turquoise, Coral, Lime Green, & Hot Pink!), these colors tend to remind me of early summer. But, … Continue reading Deep Summer Color Palettes… Get Inspired!

Use Color Gradation to Make a Stunning Swarovski Crystal Pearl Necklace!

Happy Summer Beading Friends! Leah here with another project from Eureka Crystal Beads. Today I'm going to lay out 7 lovely colors of Swarovski Crystal Pearls to show you how to use color gradation to make a stunning, yet simple, summer pearl necklace. Materials List: (7) 6mm Swarovski Crystal Pearls - MAUVE (8 each) 6mm … Continue reading Use Color Gradation to Make a Stunning Swarovski Crystal Pearl Necklace!

Light and Shadow: New Swarovski Innovations for Fall and Winter 2018/2019

Light and shadow, nothing within the physical world can escape this duality; it is the nature of human consciousness and our planet. In order for our spiritual side to embrace this journey, we must experience the shadow side of spirit. Our daily lives are influenced by our perception of the world. The shadow has both … Continue reading Light and Shadow: New Swarovski Innovations for Fall and Winter 2018/2019

Swarovski Cabochette Cut

The beautiful new Cabochette Cut from Swarovski is a marvel of design that evokes the clear fresh beauty of a summer raindrop. Evoking a bold romanticism, Swarovski has created a beautiful new design that contains both modernist geometric qualities as well as naturalistic overtones captured in the same bead. Clear as a summer raindrop, the … Continue reading Swarovski Cabochette Cut

Swarovski Innovations for Spring/Summer 2012

True to form, Swarovski has hit another home run with their latest Crystal Innovations for Spring/Summer 2012. Fabulous new shades with old world elegance speak to a desire for a more simple, less complicated relationship to the modern world and a deeper, more profound connection with nature. The collection is imbued with a romantic aesthetic, … Continue reading Swarovski Innovations for Spring/Summer 2012