Cascade Earrings – 2015

These Cascade earrings always catch peoples’ eye at our bead shows. Everyone wants to learn to make them so we decided to finally show you how it’s done.

So, here’s what you’ll need to make a pair:

You will also need 2 pairs of round nosed pliers.

For this particular pair we used Crystal Astral Pink.

Cascade components

Divide all material in half. Each half will make one earring.

It is easiest to start from the bottom up.

  1. Using the pliers, open one jump ring (a) and thread on a 10 mm mini pear and close the jump ring (b).
  2. Take another jump ring. Open it and link it to the first jump ring (c). Thread 2 more 10 mm mini pears, letting one fall on each side of the first ring (d,e). Close jump ring (f).
  3. Repeat the 2nd step. Use up the remaining half of the 10 mm mini pears, then the 8 mm mini pears.
  4. Attach an ear wire to the top (9th)  jump ring (g).
  5. Repeat 1 -4 for the second earring.

Cascade Earrings How to