Chan Luu Style Beaded Barefoot Sandals – 2013

foot-thong barefoot sandals beaded

This DIY Tutorial is going to show you how to make awesome beaded barefoot sandals using the same technique as the very popular Chan Luu style wrap bracelets.



1 Pewter Button


Beading Needle


1mm Waxed Cord


6mm Czech Firepolish Round Glass Beads in whatever colors you choose. I used Silver, Crystal Luster, Hematite and Jet in a pattern of four Silver, one Jet, one Hematite, one Crystal Luster and then four Silver again. For this design I needed:

74 6mm Silver Glass Beads

16 6mm Jet Glass Beads

16 6mm Hematite Glass Beads

16 6mm Crystal Luster Glass Beads

for a total of 122 6mm Czech Glass Beads to make a pair of these beaded barefoot sandals. My foot is a size 6.5 so if yours is bigger be prepared that you will probably need a few more beads.


First you’re going to measure the length of the cord around your ankle and double it. This will be for the anklet portion of your barefoot sandal.


Next you will take the cord and thread a button on it for your closure.

beaded barefoot sandals DIY

Place the button in the center of the cord by bringing together both ends of the cord.

beaded barefoot sandals DIY

Secure the button in your clipboard and thread your needle. Attach your length of thread securely to the cord by tying a square knot (If you would like more in-depth instructions for this and other parts take a look at the DIY Chan Luu Style Wrap Bracelet Tutorial).

Pick up the first bead you are using (I started out with the silver) and thread through it from the top, making sure your thread is underneath the top cord but above the bottom cord. Then thread through the same bead from the bottom, this time with your thread beneath the bottom cord and coming out above the top cord. You are making a figure 8 with your thread.

DIY Beaded Barefoot Sandals

Pick up the next bead and repeat. You will continue doing the same thing with all your beads until your anklet is finished. Click on the photos below for a bigger image.

DIY Chan Luu beaded barefoot sandals

Four Silver, one Jet, one Hematite, one Crystal Luster and repeat.


Once you’ve completed beading the anklet portion, anchor the last bead by weaving through it several more times so that it holds then cut the thread.


Next, tie an overhand knot with the remaining cord.


Take the rest of the cord, and tie another knot, making sure the space between the two knots is large enough for your button to pass through. This will be the closure on your anklet.




Now you will complete the “toe thong” portion of the barefoot sandal.

First you will need to measure the length of your foot from toe to ankle, again in a double length of cord.


Next, measure a toe loop that will not be too tight and easy to slip on and off but also not so loose that it will slip off on its own.


Tie an overhand knot at the place you measured to create a toe loop.




Slip the loop over your toe to check the fit before tightening the knot.


Now you will bead the foot portion the same way as the anklet. Clip the loop end to the clipboard and use the same pattern of beads using the same technique as before.


Continue beading, but check the fit regularly. This portion will be shorter than the anklet. It’s best to double check the length required while wearing the anklet so you know how low the anklet will sit. Getting the measurements right is tricky. You don’t want it too tight or walking will break it, but if it’s too loose it will not sit right. Go slow and check often to avoid any problems. Make sure to account for the space that the upper knot will take as well.


Once you have reached your desired length, secure the last bead by anchoring it the same way you finished off the anklet. However, this time, do not cut the thread, keep it attached to the needle and the beads.


Tie your overhand knot as usual.


And your foot portion is finished.


The final step is to connect the two portions into a finished barefoot sandal.


While wearing the anklet section, hook the toe loop around your toe and pull the foot section towards the anklet. The place where they cross is where you will tie the foot section onto the anklet.


You will tie a simple double knot between the beads on the anklet.


Secure the knot tightly and then use the remaining thread and needle to reinforce the knot, weaving through the knot, the two anklet beads on either side of the knot and back through to the top bead on the foot section. This knot will take a lot of abuse so you need to make sure it is very secure.


You can then finally cut the thread and your barefoot sandal is done!


Do the same for the second one and you will have a pair of stunning barefoot sandals to enjoy at the pool or on the beach!

foot-thong beaded barefoot sandals

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  1. I just noticed that this was posted a couple of years ago, so I hope you don’t mind a question now. What kind of thread did you use to make these? I was thinking that sewing thread might be too thin and fire line might work, but the colors are limited. Would upholstery thread work for this? Thanks in advance for your reply!

    1. You are absolutely right. Barefoot sandals trend is not a new phenomenon but still going strong this summer. Fireline is fine. We used leather cord for the outline. Check out our tutorial. It is all listed there. Have fun. Register for Eureka’s Newsletter. We are coming up with some great new free designs.

  2. jiya says:

    wow awesome

  3. Alyson says:


  4. Mary Warren says:

    I really want to surprize my future daughter-in-law with a pair of barefoot sandals, she also wears a size 6 1/2 so I was hoping you could give me the exact measurements you used. Please!

    1. It’s hard to tell because the width of the ankle is important too. It’s really important to measure right on the foot that will be wearing it when you’re not using an elastic cord. With an elastic cord, you have more wiggle room.

  5. Sue O'Mullan says:

    Thank you for the tutorial! Love this!!!!

    1. Isn’t it great?! I love it too! Send us some pix of your finished sandals!

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