Two Knot Cord Charm Bracelet – 2015

diy leather cord bracelet tutorial stacked st patricks charm crystal eureka

This simple bracelet design makes it easy to make lots of different bracelets in almost no time at all! Here we will show you the basic design with step by step pictures and you can take it from there adding whatever charms, pendants, beads or any other embellishments you like!

As St Patrick’s Day is almost upon us, we’ve gone with an Irish inspired design that is perfect to wear on the town to show off your spirit and bring you a little luck!

diy leather cord bracelet tutorial st patricks charm crystal eureka

What You Need

2 Feet of leather cord (both the 1.0mm and 1.5mm work fine, focus on picking your favorite color!)

2 Large hole beads like these

Charm (any will do, for this project we used a 19mm Swarovski clover pendant)

Jump ring that fits on your charm

What You Do


1. To measure the right length, wrap the leather cord around your wrist twice and leave about 3 inches on both ends. In most cases you will need about 18 inches to make a bracelet


2. Find the middle of the leather cord and make a knot but don’t tighten it. This step is optional, you don’t have to make a center knot if you don’t want a charm to hang from it but rather want the charm to move freely on the finished bracelet.


3. Make a knot at one of the ends, about an inch and a half from the end of the leather cord.


4. Run the other end of the cord through the knot you just made from the bottom.


5. Pull about half the length of the leather cord through the knot.


6. Cross the end of the cord over (above) and then under (below) the knotted cord.

2c 2d

7. Now cross the cord over again, this time over itself as well as the knotted portion.


8. This is how it will look.


9. Next put your fingers in the space below the freshly crossed part of the cord and between the two portions of the cord that go through the knot and pull the end of the cord through this space.


10. This should create an identical looking knot to the one you have already made (don’t pull it tight until you’re sure, you’ve got it right).


11. You can then pull both knots tight to create the sliding knot closure of the bracelet.


12. Finally to finish off the bracelet, slide a large hole bead onto one end of the leather cord and secure it in place with another knot.

3e 4

13. Do the same on the other end of the cord.


14. Trim any excess cord off the ends.


15. Next, to add color and flair to your bracelet, open the jump ring and put it on your chosen charm or pendant.


16. Attach the jump ring to the first knot you made (the center knot) and you’re finished!

Another variation uses beads or tubes around the center knot like this bracelet below:

sliding knot diy cord bracelet

Use these instructions over and over to make bracelets for all occasions and to go with any outfit!

diy leather cord bracelets stacked tutorial charm crystal eureka

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  1. thanks for sharing this, really the content is amazing
    informative,interesting , motivating also what i am looking for . please keep updating step by step

    1. Thank you. Please like us on facebook and see our pinterest. You may go to those directly from our website

  2. Mw says:

    They are so beautiful! I must say that you definitely have a gift in jewelry making, thanks for the share!

    1. Thank you for your nice comment. Please stay tuned. We have more cool projects in the pipeline. Will be posting soon.

  3. Fen says:

    Great Tutorial! Thanks!

  4. ölivia says:

    Thanks for sharing these are so cool and easy t o make!!1!

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