Freestyle Dagger Bracelet – 2015

Combine Czech Daggers, Swarovski Cubes and Doughnut beads in trendy colors for Spring bling!

We’ve been asked many times how these bracelets are made.

It is done using a simple freestyle technique. No pattern needed. Mix and match beads and colors to get a totally different look every time.

These bracelets are made of bead clusters. To make a cluster you need two strands.  Add 4 to 6 beads on each strand, then thread both strands through one bead (the spacer) to finish the cluster. Repeat this until your bead work is to the desired length.

To learn how to start and finish stringing work with clasps check out our other tutorials.

Here is a simple diagram to show you how its done:


– you can use daggers for an edgy look 

– flower petals or tear drops will give you a softer look

– use multiple sizes of the same shape of bead to add variation and interest

– combine czech glass and Swarovski crystals for a very elegant look


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  1. Linda says:

    Very pretty. Did you use beading wire or a thread like fireline?

    1. We used soft flex beading wire, but a heavier weight fireline will work well too.

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