Making Swarovski Crystal Angels – 2015

Angels represent hope and act as benevolent, celestial guardians and guides as well as messengers. Beautiful crystal angel charms, pendants and earrings are an easy way to bring angels closer to your heart and keep their benevolent influence around you at all times.


Crystal angels made using Swarovski components are a beautiful holiday project. Whether you are looking for the perfect design for the holidays, a birthday or any other special occasion, these Swarovski angels will make everyone smile.


The basics of this project are very simple and you can mix and match the components to get just the right look and make the angel design all your own!


To make one basic Crystal Angel you will need (for earrings double everything to make two matching angels):

1 head pin

1 spacer for the halo

1 Swarovski round crystal bead for the head

1 pair of angel wings

1 cone for the skirt

1 bell flower (optional) to go inside the cone and add a little color on the bottom of the skirt

To make one basic Crystal Angel follow these steps:

Take your head pin and stack your components in the following order:

1. Bell flower

2. Cone

3. Angel wings

4. Round crystal bead

5. Spacer

Then finish off your angel with a simple loop at the top.

You can then add an ear wire to make an earring or attach to to a chain to make a beautiful pendant necklace. You could make several little angels for a charm bracelet!


There are many ways to make your Swarovski Crystal angels unique. Use a Swarovski Pear shape bead or an Artemis bead instead of a cone as a skirt for more crystal sparkle.

You could substitute a round Swarovski pearl for the round crystal bead as the angel’s head.

Try using Czech glass angel wings instead of the pewter ones. Or use a pewter bow!

Play around with different sizes and added extras like spacers for a necklace or two cones for a double tiered skirt.

Choose classic colors like crystal or crystal AB that evoke the celestial nature of angels or you can create angels with a theme like Christmas angels in red and green or birthstone angels.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Creta says:

    Angels are my favorite things to make. I
    ve been making Angels for a long time. Earrings mainly. I like the ones above. Do you carry those parts? I mainly. make them for family and some friends. I’ve been beading for 40 plus years. I am a self taught beader. I am 83 yrs old. I have bought beads from you several times, and am very satisfied with them. I am trying to find beads for the new tino beads, that I bought from you recently. Thanks

    1. Hello Creta, Unfortunately this post is about 4 years old and we no longer carry those exact components. We will have something similar to this closer to the Christmas season. Best of luck to you. Amazing that you have been beading for 40 plus years! Thank you for your continued interest.

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