Right Angle Weave Made Easy – 2015

right-angle-weave-01 right-angle-weave-02 right-angle-weave-03 right-angle-weave-04 right-angle-weave-05 right-angle-weave-06 right-angle-weave-07 right-angle-weave-08 right-angle-weave-09

Flip over your work.
Flip over your work.

right-angle-weave-11 right-angle-weave-12 right-angle-weave-13 right-angle-weave-14 right-angle-weave-15 right-angle-weave-16 right-angle-weave-17 right-angle-weave-18

Flip over your work.
Flip over your work.

right-angle-weave-20 right-angle-weave-21 right-angle-weave-22 right-angle-weave-23 right-angle-weave-24 right-angle-weave-25 right-angle-weave-26 right-angle-weave-27

Flip over your work. If you would like to continue and make more rows go back to step 11.
Flip over your work. If you would like to continue and make more rows go back to step 11.

With this stitch, you can make a bracelet such as this one, using only right angle weave and small farfalle beads.


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    Thanks very much 🙂

    1. You’re very welcome, Hazel! 🙂


    What size are the beads and due you have a pattern for it please? I love all the Brown Iris colours and the clasp is perfect. I’m sorry its no longer in stock 🙂

    1. Hi Hazel, the first link below is what we have left of Farfalle beads. However, you can utilize a brown iris seed bead to achieve a similar look and need only follow the basic Right Angle Weave pattern shown right here in the blog. 🙂 Perhaps I’ll have to work on a new RAW project for a blog or video!




      1. HAZEL MCSWEENEY says:

        Thanks. I forgot to ask approx. how many grams of farfalle will Ibe.need please? And of the 8/0 and 11/0 would I need of them please?

      2. Hi Hazel! We sell 8/0 and 11/0 in 20 gram tubes and 1 of a tube would be more than enough to create the bracelet in either size. 🙂

  3. Abigail says:

    What size beads are these?

  4. Laura White says:

    Beautiful! Where can I buy the clasp?

    1. Hi Laura, we carried that clasp, but don’t have it any more. Sorry. It was a limited edition clasp handmade in Thailand.

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