SuperDuo Spiral Bracelet – 2015


Many of you liked this simply elegant spiral bracelet made from SuperDuos , so as we promised we are releasing the free instructions for all of you to enjoy.

What you need:

2 tubes of one SuperDuo color

2 tubes of second SuperDuo color

1 magnetic clasp

Fireline #6 or #8

Beading Needles #12

In our samples we used:

Sample 1: Superduo Beige Luster Picasso , Superduo Bronze

Sample 2: Superduo Steal Blue Pearl, Superduo Antique Gold Metallic

What you do:

1.Step One

On about 2 ½ to 3 arm spans of Fireline, thread a #12 needle on one end.  String on 6 SuperDuos. If using two colors alternate them. Make sure you leave at least 8 to 12 inches tail for adding the clasp. You can use a stop bead if you need to.

2.Step Two (2)

Make a circle, by either tying a knot or going back through the beads again to form a circle. Go through the beads at least 3 times. Pull tight. Head around to bead opposite the tail. Make sure that you finish opposite the tale (so you are working away from the tail)

3.Step Three

Take your needle and go up through the second hole in the superduo, making sure to go counter clockwise. You will continue to work counter clockwise by picking up the color of the bead you are going into: example – pick up one color and go into same color, pick up second color and go into the same second color.

4.Step Four

Continue in this manner until you have about 3 or 4 rows.

5.Step Six (1)

Then pull it tight and up into a round spiral shape. You can put your finger in the middle and use it to help pull the beads up. Keeping your tension tight continue adding beads for the length needed for your bracelet.

To finish: after doing a full round all six colors or six beads, go into the second super duo hole, this time going clockwise. Go back through all the top holes twice pulling the ends together like the beginning. Add clasp. The one I liked the most with this design is the 11mm Gold Magnetic Disc Clasp offered by Eureka Crystal Beads, but you may use any of their Magnetic Clasps.


TIP: I usually use the remaining thread and go back through the bracelet again until I run out of thread. Cut the remaining thread.

You aren’t limited to six beads. The more beads, the thicker the bracelet.

If you have any questions e-mail me Michelle directly at:

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amber says:

    this is beautiful. how do I print out the directions?

    1. Copy and paste to Microsoft Word and then print .
      Good luck!

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