FREE PATTERN: Pearl Passion bracelet!

**UPDATE** We filmed the video, folks!! 🙂 Check out the video tutorial over at the Eureka Crystal Beads YouTube channel!

Greetings Beaders! Leah here from Eureka Crystal Beads with a **FREE** pattern for you today! It’s a great 1-2 hour project utilizing Right Angle Weave alongside 6mm Swarovski Pearls, size 11 seed beads, and everyone’s favorite: 2-hole Superduo Czech glass beads! Let’s get right to it…

Here’s what you’ll need: (bead quantities are approximate depending on wrist size)

*Size 11 Miyuki Seed Beads would be fine, too!



  1. On 6 feet of Fireline, load on a Superduo in color 1 and then a size 11 seed bead. Repeat this 3 more times, alternating the color of Superduo. >>image 1<< (I began with Flax Metallic Matte in my project)
  2. Bring them to within 3-5″ of the end of your thread (a tail you’ll just weave in later) and then sew them into a circle. End by coming out of the bottom hole of the 3rd Superduo you picked up and then up through it’s top hole. >>image 1<< (A small amount of thread will be visible when you move from the bottom hole to the top hole – but this will not be obvious once the project is finished)
  3. Pick up the same bead sequence from step 1, leaving off the first Superduo (as that bead is already present in the bracelet we’ve started) and loop back around and go back through the same Superduo top-hole that you’re thread is already coming out of. Pull down and you’ve created your second Right Angle Weave (RAW) unit. >>image 2<<
  4. Travel through the next 4 beads (seed beads and Superduos) in this new unit – this will result in you coming out of the bottom hole of the Superduo at the end of your chain – that’s opposite the one you had just looped through. >>image 3<<
  5. Travel up through the top hole of this same Superduo. >>image 3<<
  6. REPEAT STEPS 3-5 until your desired length is reached, keeping in mind that the bracelet will shrink slightly once completed, so do 1 extra unit than you think you need. End coming out of the top hole of the Superduo at the very end. >>image 4<<



  1. Pick up 3 seed beads, your clasp loop, and 3 more seed beads. Loop back through the same upper Superduo hole you were coming out of at the end of step 6 in Part 1. >>image 1<<
  2. Pick up 2 seed beads and go down the bottom hole of the same SuperDuo. Then pick up 2 more seed beads and go across the top hole again back to the other side. (This will result in 2 seed beads sitting on both outsides of the Superduo. >>image 2<<
  3. Go through the 2 seed beads on the side you’re currently on, heading towards the body of your bracelet.
  4. Pick up 1 seed bead and go through the top hole of the closest side-Superduo >>image 4<<
  5. Pick up a 6mm Swarovski Pearl and go through the top hole of the next side-Superduo >>image 5<<  REPEAT this step down the entire side of your bracelet.



  1. Once the last Swarovski Pearl is added to side 1, you should be coming out of the top hole of the last side-Superduo. Go through the next seed bead and then bottom hole of the very last Superduo at the end of your chain. Lastly, go up into the top hole of that same Superduo. >>image 1<<
  2. Pick up 3 seed beads, your clasp loop, and 3 more seed beads. Loop back through the same upper Superduo hole you were coming out of at the end of the previous step. >>image 2<<
  3. Add the same 2 seed beads needed on either outside of the end-Superduo >>images 3 & 4<< just like we did on the other side.
  4. Travel back through the seed bead loop attaching your clasp so that way you can end coming out of the pair of seed beads (added in previous step) on the side of your bracelet still missing pearls.
  5. Pick up 1 seed bead and go through the top hole of the closest side-Superduo >>image 5<<



  1. Add pearls all along the other side of the bracelet. End coming out of the top hole of the last side-Superduo.
  2. Pick up 1 seed bead >>image 1<< and go through the group of 2 seed beads you added along the outside of that very final center Superduo right before your clasp. >>image 2<<
  3. Next, keep going and travel up through the seed bead loop attaching your clasp so that way you can end up on the opposite side. You’ll now travel down the path that added the pearls on that side (Through the pearls and top holes of the Superduos) This will help to add structure to that outer edge and also get you to the other side of the bracelet where we’ll add one final bead…
  4. …End coming out of the top hole of the final side-Superduo right after the final pearl. Pick up 1 seed bead >>image 3<< and travel up your seed beads and through your clasp loop to go down to the opposite side of the bracelet. This is where you will weave out your thread, tying some overhand knots along the way, as you travel down this side to add additional structure.  ***ALL DONE!!!***



  • **Variation** Use 6mm Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads instead of 6mm Swarovski Crystal Pearls for a flashier look!!
  • **Sizing** To help with sizing, (42) 6mm Swarovski Pearls (21 down each side) created a bracelet that, not taking into account the clasp, was 7 1/2″ long.
  • **Alternatives** Consider using 6mm Round Druk Czech glass beads instead of pearls! Or 6mm Firepolish if you want some texture but less sparkle than a crystal!

**If you think this would make a good video, and you’d find it more helpful that way, comment below to let me know!! 🙂

Until next time!! Bead On, friends!


23 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda Gratzer says:

    I am so thankful I found Eureka! I heard of your wonderful collections from Bronzepony and now I am plotting how to get all of them – just don’t tell my husband LOL. Keep up the GREAT work!

    1. Mum’s the word! 🤐😂 We’re so happy to have you aboard Linda 💕

  2. Erin W Grimshaw says:

    Leah, I am always looking for new patterns for Superduos. Thanks so much for this one, can’t wait to try it! Now where did I put that needle? LOL Erin

    1. Lol thanks Erin! 💕

  3. sue earl says:

    Hi Leah-This bracelet is a real beauty! Thanks for sharing, and wondering about the different ways we look at a beading pattern. If there is a video, I tend to watch it over and over again until I build up my nerve to try it!! Then, if there is a written pattern, I’ll check that against the video so I have a hard copy to refer to if the video goes away. I know, a little on the strange side, however….Thanks again for sharing all your beading knowledge with us.

  4. Dorothy Ferris says:

    Would love to have a video tutorial and to be able to print this out. That way if I don’t understand a step I can follow it on the video. It’s the best way to have these done. I always stop and go on video’s to try and write down what is being said but it never quite works out right. With this said how can I print out these instructions? Thanks for a beautiful bracelet.

    1. Hi Dorothy! Thanks for the comment! You’ll be happy to know that we DID film this pattern Wednesday of last week and it just went live on our YouTube channel a few minutes ago! Here’s the link: I’ll also be adding the link to the blog. 🙂

    2. Regarding the PRINTING of these directions, Dorothy, you should be able to RIGHT-CLICK on your screen and then select PRINT if you’re viewing on a computer. 🙂

  5. Carolyn Holt says:

    Your bracelet is stunning. I would love to see a video!

    1. Thanks Carolyn!! Stay tuned…likely filming this one today!! 🙂

  6. Sally Thibodeaux says:

    I think a video would be very helpful. Your videos are always a big help, very easy to follow. Love your color choices.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Sally!! Stay tuned…. likely filming this one today 😉

      1. Creeta B. Vasecka says:

        I love to follow your videos, takes me a while to do. I also like to have a pattern to look at. I’m 84 yrs old so its easier for me if I have both. Thank you so much Creta

      2. Thanks for the feedback, Creeta!

  7. D Vickers says:

    I love that this is a written set of instructions. Often when I bead, I do not have my computer with me for the instructions. I so much prefer to have it written out. I usually do not even look at a pattern if it is video only. I find it difficult to bead and pause a computer video to follow along.

    1. Thanks for the feedback!! I try to offer patterns and projects in different formats as we all prefer to learn in different ways! Video just tends to be easier to create as taking and editing pictures and writing out directions is very time consuming but it’s so nice to see that it’s so appreciated. 🙂 I’ll make it a point to provide more projects in written format!

  8. Holly Shimwell says:

    Hi Leah,
    Thank you so much for posting the lovely pearl bracelet pattern; as far as my own opinion (and learning style) goes, I always much prefer video instruction as I learn better by watching and then doing; reading the directions and then transferring the information from brain to hands is not very easy for me!!
    I really appreciate you asking for feedback on this topic and please continue to post (hopefully also in video format) your wonderful patterns!

    1. Stay tuned Holly! 😉 Likely filming this one today…

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