Swarovski Innovations for Spring/Summer 2015

Swarovski has just announced their Innovations for Spring/Summer 2015 including crystal color, new crystal effect and a new crystal pearl color. Take a look at the latest Swarovski colors!

New Swarovski Elements Color – Tangerine

swarovski innovations 2015 tangerine crystal beads eureka

With its strong warm orange tone, the new Swarovski Tangerine is a beautiful addition to the range of warm and orange tones available from Swarovski.

Combine Tangerine with warm saturated colors such as browns and golds for an elegant look or contrast with soft greens and blues for a more edgy and modern look.

swarovski innovations tangerine 2015 new color eureka crystal beads

Tangerine will also work wonderfully to create a beautiful sunset-y palette with the color of the year for 2014: Radiant Orchid. Find out more about Radiant Orchid and color palettes for 2014 here.

radiant orchid tangerine color palette 2014 2015

New Swarovski Elements Effect – Iridescent Green

swarovski crystal iridescent green effect spring 2015 new colors crystal beads eureka

Swarovski’s new iridescent green effect is a mysterious metallic green finish that will add a modern edge to any project. Use it with beige and nude tones for sophistication and class or opals for a very refined effect.

New Swarovski Crystal Pearl – Iridescent Green

swarovski iridescent green crystal pearl innovations spring summer 2015 eureka crystal beads

Like the Iridescent Green effect, the Iridescent Green Swarovski Crystal Pearl is a beautiful combination of modern and edgy with refinement and sophistication. These shimmering gold-green pearls work beautifully with metallics and crystals.

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  1. Beautiful tangerine coloured crystals. Did you also know they will be releasing skull shaped beads that look pretty awesome?

    1. Yes the skull beads are very cool but really expensive. We’ll have them available by special order only.

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