Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Czech Mates Two Hole Beads

Czech Mates Two Hole Beads
Czech Mates Two Hole Beads

Our Czech Mates Two Hole Beads have been getting a lot of attention lately because of their unique properties, two holes and the variety of beautiful colors and finishes available.

Two Hole Tile Variety
Two Hole Tile Variety

But we still get people asking questions about them so we’re going to answer some of them right here.

Two Hole Bricks
Two Hole Bricks

“What’s the difference between Two Hole Tiles and Tila Beads?”

Tila vs Two Hole Tiles
Tila vs Two Hole Tiles

Just by looking at Tila beads side by side with Czech Mates Two Hole Tiles, it’s easy to see that the beads are not interchangeable. Although both square, tile shaped and featuring two holes, the differences are obvious.

Tilas are Japanese seed beads and are flatter, have sharper edges and, in my opinion, are plainer.

First manufactured in the 1930s, Two Hole Tiles were recently reintroduced to much fanfare and it’s easy to see why. The Czech Mates Two Hole Tiles have a richness that is projected through their thickness, rounded shape and glossy finishes. They won’t cut your thread or irritate your skin.

Olivine Opaque Two Hole TilesOlivine Opaque Pinch BeadsOlivine Opaque Cube Beads

Above: Two Hole Tiles, Pinch Beads, Two Hole Bricks and Cube Beads all in Olivine Opaque.

Because these beads are made in the Czech Republic, you can find them in many of the same colors as other designer beads made there, including mottled “Picasso.” This means that you can often match Two Hole Tiles with other shapes of Czech Beads in your designs like above.

The bottom line is that due to their superior quality it’s not only easy to work with Czech Two Hole Tiles, but it’s a real pleasure to wear jewelry made with them!


“What do I do with them?”

We’re here to answer that question. Below are a variety of designs using Two Hole Czech beads that will inspire you to think outside the single hole box and give you some motivation to get started working with these beautiful beads.

Two Hole Dagger Bracelet
Two Hole Dagger Bracelet

Reminiscent of scales, this Two Hole Dagger bracelet is a beautiful way to use these daggers.

Penny Dixon Art Deco Necklace with Czech Mates Two Hole Beads.
Penny Dixon Art Deco Necklace with Czech Mates Two Hole Beads.

This beautiful Art Deco necklace by Penny Dixon is an ingenious use of Two Hole beads (Tiles and Bricks) to create a fabulous and trendy design.

Two Hole Lentil Bracelet from Beadstreetonline.
Two Hole Lentil Bracelet from Bead Street Online.

How about this fun and bright bracelet from Bead Street Online using Czech Two Hole Lentils.


These fun earrings using Czech Two Hole Bricks from Around the Beading Table are perfect for summer.

Two Hole Bricks and Two Hole Tiles make this pretty ladder bracelet by Kathy Simonds.
Two Hole Bricks and Two Hole Tiles make this pretty ladder bracelet by Kathy Simonds.

If you’re still stumped and need more direction, check out our Tutorial page for step by step instructions on how to make the above bracelet using Two Hole Tiles and Two Hole Bricks as well as seed beads.

Check Eureka Crystal Beads for all your quality beads needs.

Bead your heart out!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. C Thomas says:

    Why are the Czechmates brick beads AB coated on the side where the holes are? That doesn’t show in a beading project.

    1. Which bricks are you referring to? We don’t carry any AB coating bricks but we have luster, picasso, matte and others. It’s much easier to coat the entire bead rather than just one surface during the manufacturing process. Also, there may be some designs where that surface will show so it’s good that the beads look the same with the same surface finish on all their sides.


  2. Mary DuBois says:

    I appreciate the information you provided on all the Czech Mates, where could I find the instructions for the two-hole dagger bracelet pictured above, I’ve used the bricks on a small petal bracelet which turned out beautiful. Thank you. MaRY

    1. The image is from Starman and the design is by Svetlana Einy but I don’t know if there are instructions available for it. The pattern website is here: http://patterns.beadindex.com/


  3. Elaine says:

    I appreciate the info. Thank you!

  4. Quinn J says:

    That’ s so true. I always use the tiles because tila beads, they’re more like seed beads, just not as nice looking or feeling.

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